Monday, November 20, 2006

Golf for Beginners Podcast: Ipod golf tips for the driving range and we battle over practice techniques

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This podcast is a biggie, filled with lots of golf tips for the driving range. Our listeners have spoken, letting us know that they take their ipods (and our weekly tips) with them when they practice so we have created this session with them in mind.

One email battles over whether or not an instructor can do more harm than good. Can a golf swing suffer from the wrong teaching method? We use a bit of advice from Butch Harmon who feels that a golfer should not try and change a less-than-perfect looking swing but work within his natural abilities. Jim Furyk is a great example of this swing philosophy.

Barry and I wind up battling it out over whose practice techniques work better, his or mine. Who do you think wins this argument?

During our break, I was working on a list of our archived Golf for Beginners podcasts (I'm never really on vacation). I have not yet finished but almost all of our yearlong golf tips and more can now be found by clicking here.

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