Sunday, December 03, 2006

Golf for Beginners Podcast: Tiger Woods and Elin do non-golf activities-what's best for you and a winning quote from Arnold Palmer

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Not all husbands and wives are meant to share the game of golf. Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, for example, enjoy other activities together as she is an expert downhill skier. As Tiger stated, "Being married to a Swede, you have to ski, no choice."

This week a listener asks about the probability of getting his wife to learn golf. This question started a "friendly" confrontation and an all-out battle of the sexes debate quickly ensued!

After a brief reminiscence as to how Barry helped get me interested in the sport, I thought about something that he reiterates after every round he plays with his foursome, namely that the game doesn't end until that final putt drops in on the 18th green. Until then, it's anybody's game.

I personally selected a quote from living legend Arnold Palmer in a moment that reflected the true soul of my husband, Barry. I hope you all enjoy it!

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