Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tis the Season to be Jolly...

I'm trying a different format to see if anyone out there will respond to my blog. I notice that as I roll through the blogs on that there are very few responses.

Nothing about golf today. I'm just enjoying a blissful day off from work. Work for me involves operating a gas station (yes, I pump gas all day, every day). It's funny how many different things we all do in our lifetime to pass the days. I know many people who work more than one job and many who work nights and weekends...and never complain!

Do any of you out there hold down more than one job or have only one day (maybe even NO days) off during the week? If so I'd like to read about what you do. Just post a comment.

Hey, would anybody like to see my golf swing on video? I have been getting out to the range more often so if I get a few positive comments that people would like to see my swing, the next time I go I'll bring my video camera.

Heck, I'll bring my camera anyway! No prodding needed. I'm just a ham at heart anyway. :-)

My husband bought me a weighted 6 pound Nike medicine ball the size of a basketball for the holidays. I hope to improve my balance and core muscles with it. I just tried exercising with it and I'm really pooped! I think it's going to work great for me when I pull out the driver this spring.

Speaking of drivers, I just finished watching the REMAX Long Drive Challenge on ESPN. WOW! That's all I have to say!
There were women hitting the ball over 300 yards! The men were crushing their drives almost 400 yards! That's incredible!

There was even a brief segment about the kids and teenagers. I think that the REMAX Long Drive Challenge will eventually have to extend the field to over 400 yards. I wonder how long it will take for the average long drive hitter to send the ball over 500 yards. It's coming, I tell you!

So today is Christmas Day and although I'm Jewish I still celebrate! Hey, it's a day off! C'mon, How many of you would take a Jewish holiday off if the powers that be gave it to you? Oh, I bet you would go to work, sure!

Anyway, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and for those in the minority like me, Happy Chanukkah (or Hanukkah, whichever you prefer!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Consistency in Golf

Barry G. Solomon's Golf Talk - The Importance of the PreShot Routine

The preshot routine is used by every  good golfer on the planet.

There are as many different routines as there are golfers.  Once you develop yours, you should use it every time you swing your club. 
Pre-shot routines are needed to help produce the same swing every time. 
Consistency is the name of the game.

So how do you develop yours?  Here are some helpful tips.
1- Stand behind your ball and picture the shot you want to hit. 
(Where you want your ball to land and where you want your ball to end up).

2- Check the wind (how will the wind affects the ball flight).

3- Choose the club you want to use to get the job done.

4- Address the ball.  (Set yourself up for success.  Check proper posture, grip and alignment).

5- Look again at your target,  close your eyes and picture the perfect shot.

6- Pull the trigger. (try to let your brain go on automatic.) 

These are the steps needed in every pre-shot routine.  You can add swing reminders like checking club positions at different parts of the swing.  Maybe take a practice swing.

Just develop one and use it at the range as well at the course.  GOOD LUCK!!!
I will be giving you more simple golf tips from time to time so check back.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Golf for Beginners Podcasts 12-18-05

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Golf for beginners 12-18-05 episode eight we talk about how the older set of golfers still get out and play, chat a bit about our game, give a few tips and mention what's new in the latest Golf for Women magazine. We also help another golfer with a dilemma in our weekly golf mailbag. It's our longest and funniest GFB ever!

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Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Woods Has Problems; Sorenstam's Team Wins

In my last blog I really thought that Tiger Woods could take the trophy at the Target World Challenge. First off it's his tournament and second he's won it six times. You would think this tournament would be just another walk along the fairway. But as I've stated on many occasions, the best golfers have the hottest putters. Tiger's putter went cold on him and, in spite of his tremendous drives, he went without a victory.

European tour players took his place at the top of the leaderboard. I'm still busy watching so your guess is as good as mine as to who will finally emerge victorious. Hey, I'm just a blogger, not a news writer, so you'll have to find out for yourselves about this tourney.

On the LPGA Tour, Annika Sorenstam's International team took top honors at the inaugural Lexus Cup from Singapore. Was there ever any doubt that the number-one in the world paired with Paula Creamer would shake up the Asian team? It was pretty funny how Sorenstam got beaten by Grace Park, team captain for the Asians. Even with her injuries, Grace dominated in their singles match. In the end, Annika's team rallied helped by rookie Erica Blasberg (who would have believed that she had it in her?).

Speaking of Blasberg, she won non-exempt status at Q-School which means she's going to have to prequalify for 2006 events. Let's hope she does better next year than in her rookie season where she barely made it into the top-100 on the ADT Official Money List.

Natalie Gulbis didn't make any waves at the Lexus Cup. I was looking forward to hearing that she dominated the girls on Team Asia but instead Gulbis didn't make a charge. I sincerely wish that Natalie makes her move into the winner's circle next year on the LPGA Tour. And for those in the blogoshpere that don't like Natalie or her father or her television show, I think it's just a case of sour grapes. Gulbis has it all. She's got game, a new 2006 calendar and a great business profile that will take her beyond golf and give her a very comfortable future. Hats off to Natalie!

Well, I'm a little under the weather today so there is no driving range practice. Instead I'm going to finish watching the Target World Challenge and root for Padraig Harrington to kick some butt!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tiger Woods Steals the Show Again

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam are separated by continents this week but will probably wind up the winners in their respective tournaments. I get to stay home and watch only one of the two greatest golfers in the world on television.

While my sister and her husband enjoy a week's vacation in the Bahamas I sit here in the icy cold weather wondering when the snow will thaw. You see Barry and I have never played golf in the snow. It is much too difficult to try and find the golf ball (even if it IS my favorite color of yellow!)

So instead I am relegated to watching professional golf on television. The only problem is that the LPGA Lexus Cup, an inaugural event held in Singapore, is not televised.

Another week without Annika Sorenstam and yet another week of Tiger Woods.

It's not that I don't like watching the greatest golfer at the world in what is arguably his tournament to win, namely the Target World Challenge, it's just that I think I'm getting tired of the lack of challengers when Tiger is in the field.

I'm probably just suffering from golf withdrawal. I am unable to both watch as many tournaments as I can and go to the driving range. I made it a rule never to hit golf balls when temperatures drop below 32 degres fahrenheit. My hands freeze and when your hands get too cold they make your whole body tighten. Definitely not good for your golf swing!

I'm a bit disappointed that the LPGA doesn't put themselves out there as much as they should. Just last week when Ai Miyazato had her incredible win at LPGA Q-School there was no coverage and that was played in the USA!

At least the Lexus Cup is taking place out in Singapore. But tell me, don't they have satellites in Asia? I know I've watched the European tour regularly each week without a blip but when it comes to the LPGA either no one wants to sponsor the event or the LPGA is just too darn lazy to find a TV station willing to air an event.

I think Singapore is also to blame. The Singapore Council stated that they now have the ability to hold such an event but when push comes to shove they didn't make any efforts to get cameras out to Americans overseas. A typical case of poor planning overall both between the Asian community overseas and the LPGA or LET, whichever was involved.

So it's up to Tiger Woods to entertain me and I hope he's up to the task. He's been winning post season ( most recently at the Grand Slam of Golf) and even grabbed yet another Player of the Year award (was there any doubt?) I almost wonder what he will do for an encore! With Tiger running the show, you never know!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

John Holmes, Ai Miyazato Win Medalist Honors at Q-School

Do so many more men than women watch golf on television that PGA Q-School is televised whereas the LPGA gets silence?

I was so excited to finally get to see LPGA Q-School finals that I looked everywhere, both on the internet and in my local T.V. listings. Guess what? Even ESPN2 didn't show it!

Don't women represent half of the population? Aren't more women today joining the golfing ranks than ever before? Why isn't anyone catering to them…I mean to US!

For any women who care out there, I think it's important to stand together and make our voices heard! I can't believe that Carolyn Bivens, head of the LPGA, wouldn't have made it a point to get this event televised! I mean, these are the stars of the 2006 LPGA season. Don't they deserve more press than the back page of the local sports section?

I read the Journal News today and the unfortunate finale to Meghan Francella's attempts at getting her tour card. That was a sad conclusion to alot of work and training on her part but I didn't even see Ai Miyazato's name mentioned, and she won!

I can say that in Japan, Miyazato is a household name. Her two brothers play professional golf on the Japan Tour and her father is a golf instructor. I wonder if there was coverage in Japan? I know that the reporters, both American and Japanese, were all over Miyazato. Cameras were rolling, bulbs were popping and the 18th green was covered with reporters.

I wrote a story on Miyazato's victory in my column on The Sand Trap. Did anyone out there even know that Ai claimed her first professional victory as an amateur on the Japan Women's Tour? Or that she was the first teenager to make over $1 million in one year?

Okay, so there are differences between PGA and LPGA Q-Schools. For one, the PGA tournament plays out over six days whereas the ladies have a grueling five rounds of golf to play. That's an extra 18 holes of pressure but the overall nerves must be evident either way. You can't take anything away from these ladies.

Also Miyazato only won a paltry $4,000 for her win whereas John B. Holmes took home a hefty $50,000. The top 24 players on the LPGA tour have exempt status whereas thirty male golfers get a PGA Tour card.

No wonder Michelle Wie wants to play on the men's tour! If she plays on the women's tour she'll earn a whole lot less money and coverage!

Aside…I just read on the Golf Channel website that Kevin Stadler only earned exempt status on the Nationwide Tour. I really thought he would be a card-carrying member of the PGA Tour by now. But in lighter news I noticed that Bill Haas has nailed his tour card. I bet he'll be sleeping alot more soundly tonight!

And just for the record, Morgan Pressel made the LPGA tour as did Brittany Lang. That makes me three-for-three on my picks!

Although I really enjoy watching any golf that's on the tube I still wish that the women got more of a chance to be visible. Okay, so they don't bomb 300-yard drives like the guys and their tee-to-greens are more predictable but it sure is exciting to watch their 100-yard and closer shots as well as their terrific putting. Pressure is the same, whether you're watching 19-year-old Paula Creamer finish off her competition or viewing Phil Mickelson trying to make a comeback after three-putting on an earlier hole.

I just wish I could have been there!

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Golf For Beginners Podcast 12-04-05

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Golf for beginners 12-04-05 episode seven discusses how Ai Miyazato is a shoo-in as champion of LPGA Q-School, Jim Furyk wins Nedbank Challenge in second playoff hole against Retief Goosen, Adam Scott and Darren Clark. Ernie Els is playing golf again. Colin Montgomerie wins Hong Kong Open by one stroke. We also give a great golf tip and help another golfer with a dilemma in our weekly golf mailbag.

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