Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tiger Woods Steals the Show Again

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam are separated by continents this week but will probably wind up the winners in their respective tournaments. I get to stay home and watch only one of the two greatest golfers in the world on television.

While my sister and her husband enjoy a week's vacation in the Bahamas I sit here in the icy cold weather wondering when the snow will thaw. You see Barry and I have never played golf in the snow. It is much too difficult to try and find the golf ball (even if it IS my favorite color of yellow!)

So instead I am relegated to watching professional golf on television. The only problem is that the LPGA Lexus Cup, an inaugural event held in Singapore, is not televised.

Another week without Annika Sorenstam and yet another week of Tiger Woods.

It's not that I don't like watching the greatest golfer at the world in what is arguably his tournament to win, namely the Target World Challenge, it's just that I think I'm getting tired of the lack of challengers when Tiger is in the field.

I'm probably just suffering from golf withdrawal. I am unable to both watch as many tournaments as I can and go to the driving range. I made it a rule never to hit golf balls when temperatures drop below 32 degres fahrenheit. My hands freeze and when your hands get too cold they make your whole body tighten. Definitely not good for your golf swing!

I'm a bit disappointed that the LPGA doesn't put themselves out there as much as they should. Just last week when Ai Miyazato had her incredible win at LPGA Q-School there was no coverage and that was played in the USA!

At least the Lexus Cup is taking place out in Singapore. But tell me, don't they have satellites in Asia? I know I've watched the European tour regularly each week without a blip but when it comes to the LPGA either no one wants to sponsor the event or the LPGA is just too darn lazy to find a TV station willing to air an event.

I think Singapore is also to blame. The Singapore Council stated that they now have the ability to hold such an event but when push comes to shove they didn't make any efforts to get cameras out to Americans overseas. A typical case of poor planning overall both between the Asian community overseas and the LPGA or LET, whichever was involved.

So it's up to Tiger Woods to entertain me and I hope he's up to the task. He's been winning post season ( most recently at the Grand Slam of Golf) and even grabbed yet another Player of the Year award (was there any doubt?) I almost wonder what he will do for an encore! With Tiger running the show, you never know!

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