Thursday, November 08, 2018

Just When You Thought You Knew the Rules of Golf...

rules of golfThe rules of golf are in effect to protect all players - they can either help or hurt players during a round but it is essential to learn their lessons.

Below are several recent rules infractions and how professional golfers dealt with the consequences.


This week, the world of golf is discussing the former NCAA women's champion who was DQ'd after playing a ball which had been deemed out of bounds and moved back into bounds, reportedly by her mother!

Former NCAA individual champion at USC, Doris Chen, played a golf ball that she knew had been moved back into bounds resulting in the rules breach. "Ms. Chen did not correct her error before teeing off on the next hole, thus resulting in the DQ penalty."

Golf Lesson learned by Doris Chen? "My caddie and I didn’t see anything happen. We were looking for the ball. I didn’t see the ball move,” Chen said. “It was just what the homeowner said. … In my mind, I thought I was just supposed to play the ball as it lied. … "

For all of the inexperienced golfers reading this, Miss Chen stated, "I realize now I should have called for a rules official to investigate."

RULES INFRACTION #2Scorecard Snafu

A group of Oregon State teens, unaware that they were playing from the wrong tee box were disqualified after reading a scorecard incorrectly.

Twelve high school students were supposed to play a hole which was 172 yards - even though they were playing the blue tees, the scorecard said that, for this hole, the red tees were playing a similar distance. The teens switched tee boxes and were made aware of their mistake after they finished the hole.

Golf Lesson Learned by the Oregon golfers? If there are any rules handed out before a tournament, read and stick to them. If there are any questions about the rules, see golf lesson learned by Doris Chen.

RULES INFRACTION #3: Golf ball collision

For the majority of players, knowing the rules of golf can also help you when there are no officials around, case in point, Xander Schauffele at the WGC-HSBC Champions Tournament.

Picture this: Final hole on Sunday with three golfers in contention, Schauffele, Finau, and Rose - Rose's golf ball collides with Schauffele, sending both balls into the water. After gasps subsided, Schauffele remembered Rule 18-5:

"According to the rule, which covers a ball at rest moved by another ball, Schauffele must replace his ball where it was previously on the green at no penalty. Rose, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. He had to play his ball wherever it came to rest after the collision, and for him, that meant he had to take a drop on his way to a bogey 6."

The Rules of Golf are there to protect you and to make the game fair for all - sometimes, however, golfers, such as Justin Rose, suffer from them. Still, it's better to know the rules of any game in order to protect yourself.

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