Thursday, May 03, 2018

Arnold Palmer - One Part Champagne, Three Parts Beer

Arnold Palmer was an inspirational man to those who surrounded him as he was to the rest of the world - a local hero whose roots were in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, home of 8,000 people and Rolling Rock beer.

What more can we learn about The King of Golf from a behind-the-scenes biographer?

Perusing the book, "Arnold Palmer - Homespun Stories of The King", I set out to find out what turned this golfer into the memorable superstar of his time.

At the very start of this compendium of stories written by Chris Rodell is a foreword from Gary Player which sets the tone for what is to follow; Palmer, "was equally at ease dining with kings and queens as he was having shots and beers with the gang sitting around the bar at the local volunteer fire department social hall".

Filled with stories of the legend, "Homespun Stories of Arnold Palmer" is truly an exclusive, inside look at The King's life, his successes, and failures, which made him the hero which fans around the world admire to this day.

Below are a few tidbits which I found interesting about Mr. Palmer.

What Do Arnold Palmer and Mr. Rogers have in common?
Two of the most important men in their respective fields, Arnold Palmer and Mr. Rogers, share at least one commonality which is, both were born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Did you also know that the two were classmates?

Although I am unsure of his golf prowess, Mr. Rogers, in an episode of his highly regarded children's show, taught youngsters about the importance of practice to become a skilled golfer.

Did you know...Arnold Palmer had a dog named Mulligan?

Troon was one of Arnie's favorite courses but "he'd play Latrobe...every day, all the time". (Palmer related in chapter 8 how he once shot a 60 on Latrobe Country Clubs - one of his most memorable and exciting life moments).

Arnold Palmer was a seasoned pilot. He used to "fly low to let Winnie know that he's home and to come pick him up at the airport.

If you are a true golf fan, chances are, at one time or another, have been asked or have asked this question, "If you could play a round with anyone, who would you choose?" After reading this book, I would have to add Arnold Palmer to my short list as he embodies the spirit of the game for the "everyman" in all of us. Despite dinners with the Queen of England and Presidents of the United States (Eisenhower to Barack Obama), Mr. Palmer always remained humble, a quality sorely lacking in many of today's celebrities.

If you are a fan of golf, you will definitely find interest in the life and times of The King - take off your golf shoes and set a spell with your can of Arnold Palmer and this enjoyable read.

What are your thoughts on this book? Let us know what you liked most about Arnold Palmer in the comments section of this golf blog and tag us with your best Palmer stories on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.


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