Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Playing Golf - A Matter of Life and Death?

Is golf good for your health? Many people agree that there are physical as well as mental benefits to playing the sport that is said to last a lifetime but can the sport also be a life saver?

In a recent tweet, Annika Sorenstam asked her followers this simple question, "Want to be healthy and live longer? Play golf."

Normally, I might retweet this statement and move on to the always updating thread of my Twitter feed, @Golf4Beginners (...follow me) but Annika got me to thinking about the whole "mind-body" relationship of golf and whether or not the sport can truly help players to live a longer, healthier life.

Golf Infographic - Health BenefitsI visited the site she linked to,, to review an infographic on the benefits of golf which included:

1. Live Longer
2. Healthy Mind
3. Healthy Body along with wellness benefits
4. Reduced Risks of Chronic Conditions

Still, I was not totally convinced - I even typed this query into Google: "Do you live longer playing golf?" When I did, the results were an overwhelming, "YES!"

Researchers located at the purported home of golf, namely, Scotland, conclusively stated that golfers live five years longer, that the sport improves mental health, helps to prevent chronic diseases and can burn up to five hundred calories.

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Although "injuries and illnesses associated with golf have been identified", lead researcher, Dr. Andrew Murray states in the British Journal of Sports Medicine,  "golf's contribution to muscular strengthening, balance and falls prevention" as well as the ability to offer "moderate intensity aerobic activity" with an improvement in "self-efficacy, self-worth... improved confidence, interpersonal skills and emotional control", all lead to the conclusion that golfers can have an increased life expectancy.

So, the next time your spouse says you have something more important to do than to go out with your Sunday foursome, just say, you have to go; it's a matter of life and death!

Do you agree that playing golf can add years to your life? Comments welcomed in the section below of this golf blog and on our Twitter page, @Golf4Beginners.

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1 comment:

Dan said...

I do believe golf can be beneficial to ones health, whether it actually adds 5 years to someones life or not remains to be seen I guess.

Golf can be a frustrating game at times but just the fact of being outdoors with nature, whether practicing or out on the course, with all the fresh air in your lungs must count for something and it surely improves my outlook on life!

And walking a course during a round instead of taking a buggy must also be a good thing for moderate fitness. Sure beats sitting behind a desk all day.

I can understand why Annika tweeted that, Golf is a great game and keeps people active in a world that seems to be coming more and more sedentary.

Now if I could just break 90 on a regular basis that would definitely improve my sense of well-being!!