Thursday, May 12, 2016

Golf Tips to Improve Your Game from Tee to Green

Some of the most interesting emails we receive at Golf for Beginners are tips which are begging to be shared with our readers! In addition, we are always scouring the internet for interesting and relevant ways to improve your game.

Compiled below are a few game improvement tips - we hope that the journey to lower your score this season is an educational and joyous one.

Golf Tips to Improve Your Game from Tee to Green

par 4 golf1. How Many Ways Can You Play a Par-4 hole?
It's short enough to be a driveable hole but that par-4 may have bunkers or water in areas which are reachable if you don't hit perfect shots. Do you play it aggressively or conservatively? The choice in shot, and score, are up to you. Steve Elkington provides you with two different thoughts in strategy in his video, "How To Play A Short Par-4."

2. The 40-Yard Chip Shot - Awkward Distance
Use More Body, less arms says instructor Stan Utley. "When your clubhead speed is generated by turning your body, instead of by throwing your hands, you make a much more consistent swing and will have better contact." More tips:

Odyssey two ball putter3. Putting - Focus on the Mental Game
"The fastest and easiest way to improve your putting is to adopt a routine that gets your eyes up on your target and allows you to feel the length of stroke needed to get the ball to roll the right distance," says instructor Craig Jones of

Improving distance control will help you eliminate three putts that can drive up your scores quickly.

Read Putting tips that are Elementary for Mr. Watson.

Finally, don't have a golf course meltdown when you find that things are not going your way. Take a step back, a deep breath and refocus on each shot. Remember, a successful journey in golf usually takes you through a winding path.

Do you have golf tips to share with our readers? Place your tips in our golf blog below and follow us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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