Monday, November 17, 2008

Euro Tour ships Mickelson back to the US. Are Mickelson, Woods Olympic hopefuls? Rhythm and Rules

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Phil Mickelson has dropped out of the 2009 Race to Dubai because he said he doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to both the European and PGA Tours. With second-rate performances at the two opening Euro Tour events in China, Mickelson may have felt his chances of making an upward move were slipping deciding instead to get out early and “save face”.

Add Sergio Garcia’s leapfrog into second place in the World Rankings and that Tiger Woods may return for the 2009 PGA Tour season and Mickelson is probably more concerned with defending interests here at home than the struggle to climb atop yet another ranking system.

One slip at a time Phil, although Mickelson insisted, "I really don't think about the world rankings right now very much."

Go ahead Phil. Keep asserting that you’re not losing any sleep over your drop in the World Rankings and I’ll bet that, eventually, you’ll start believing it too!

As Barry and I watched the final round of the Barclays Singapore Open, it appeared evident with every failed putt that Mickelson would be relieved to be heading back to the States on his new fourteen passenger Gulfstream conveyance. Life can be really tough on the Tour!

Add to the above an article in the latest Callaway Golf Magazine written by the extremely outspoken Johnny Miller which mentioned, "Who wouldn’t relish the prospect of Tiger and Phil battling it out for individual gold at the Olympics" and the fuel was flamed for this week’s Golf for Beginners broadcast!

Whereas Miller states that golf has gone global, he also mentions that the two men fighting for gold honors would be two Americans…so where then has golf gone global? Also, if golf is approved as a summer sport, it would not be introduced until the 2016 games. Woods would be about forty years old and Mickelson would be about ready to join the Champions Tour. Now, where’s the fun in that, I ask?

Also, with guys like Phil and Tiger going after "gold" every week in the form of million dollar payouts and glimmery FedEx type trophies, an Olympic event would seem more like just another stop on the PGA Tour. Instead, listen to what Golf for Beginners has in mind if golf becomes an Olympic sport!

In addition, we talk about Lorena Ochoa’s belief that a lack of rhythm affected her quest to win her own Invitational. Rules taken from the glossy and easy-to-use Golf Rules Quick Reference Guide about embedded and damaged golf balls, are also featured.

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