Monday, November 05, 2007

Why doesn't Leadbetter cut Michelle Wie loose? Also, putt like Tiger Woods and a new line of golf gloves by Taylor Made/Adidas

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Michelle Wie's golf career has been in a downward spiral for the past year. She has run the gamut from physical to emotional trauma. Her "people" have been jumping ship, most recently Greg Nared, her second manager of the year. As you know, everyone loves a winner, and Michelle Wie hasn't won.

Wie has gone from media darling with cameras frantically clicking and both PGA and LPGA Tours throwing exemptions at her to being shunned by the Casio World Open, an event on the Japanese Tour which has, in the past, always welcomed her with open arms. Spokesman Yuichi Miyakawa contended, "We have concluded that it is important for her to fully recover from her hand injuries before playing to her potential". The key word here is "potential". has even decided that Michelle Wie is no longer "hot".

But in all of the darkness that surrounds Michelle Wie there is one bright light, one person who will stick by her no matter how far she falls...besides B.J. and Bo, and that person is...David Leadbetter.

Leadbetter realizes that he stands to gain either way from remaining on Michelle Wie's payroll. If she does indeeed make a comeback (which is possible if she reinforces her mental game), he may claim that it was because of his steady instruction that she persevered. If she fails, Leadbetter can always shrug his shoulders and say that he tried...and he did.

You have to give David Leadbetter credit for his dedication to Michelle Wie in the face of her overbearing parents, her lack of common courtesy and somewhat dubious knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

In this week's Golf for Beginners podcast we discuss the Wie/Leadbetter relationship. A putting tip by Tiger Woods regarding grip is also featured. Since we're on the subject of the grip, we also take a look at the new golf gloves being offered by Taylor Made and Adidas for the 2008 season.

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