Monday, November 26, 2007

Tiger Woods moving on up, Greg Norman selling out. Also, how to get out of hardpan sand and putting tips

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The world's most affluent zip code has been getting a workout as of late. Tiger Woods is flattening existing edifices on his estate, replacing the original mansion and assorted other buildings, with updated but "quite modest" appointments.

Approved plans include a 10,000 square foot dream house, a guard house, small golf course, pool and other amenities necessary to the enjoyment of the world's richest PGA Tour golfer and family. Famous neighbor Celine Dion won't be angry with the constant commotion as she began building her new digs earlier this year.

Not to be outdone by Tiger Woods, Greg Norman is seeking $65 million for his home on Jupiter Island after a messy break-up to his estranged wife. Originally purchased for $5 million sixteen years ago, the Shark is looking to make a real estate killing. Always the saavy businessman, Norman realizes that the elite will pay BIG to live near the greatest golfer on the planet (Jupiter?).

The rich just keep getting richer. But just how much is too much?

The cold weather has not put a damper on our golf activity but we must remember the importance of playing smarter and considering every shot. For example, Barry found himself in a sand trap that had frozen over. Golf for Beginners discusses the correct way to exit this trap the very first time. We also talk about an easy way to visualize your putting line.

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