Sunday, August 06, 2006

Golf Podcast: Ben Hogan's "secret", Butch Harmon's tips around the green and spice up those leftovers! Blend equal parts LPGA with Champions Tour!

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Ben Hogan has been acknowledged as the greatest ball-striker ever by Jack Nicklaus but didn't know anything about Hogan's secret which he revealed to Life Magazine in 1955. Barry and I compare his complicated yet instructional knowledge to the simplicity of John Jacobs' more easily comprehensible lessons for beginners.

Where else to get the best golf tips than from the top instructor on the planet? Golf Digest (and Golf for Beginners) taps Butch Harmon's knowledge about chipping techniques around the green.

Finally, we react to a recent blog by John Hawkins, senior writer of Golf World, who claims that the future of the Champions Tour is bleaker than that of the LPGA. Barry and I ask what harm it would cause to combine both of these tours and create a tour that just might interest the masses.

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