Monday, May 22, 2006

Podcast: The Mental Game: sports psychology made easy

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Perhaps the most important facet of the golf game that separates the amateur from PGA tour professionals is the pros' ability to perform under all kinds of stress. Learning how to deal with the mental aspect of the game (and I don't mean through hypnosis folks) will not only save strokes on the course but can effectively enhance all aspects of your life.

Barry and I are not professional instructors but some of the golf tips we bring you this week comes from one of the most qualified experts in his field, Dr. Rick Jensen. Dr. Jensen is not only the founder of the Performance Center at PGA National Resort and Spa but has also taught touring pros on the LPGA, PGA and Champions Tours.

It doesn't matter how advanced or how new to the game you are, we believe that these tips are essential for good play. Take these thoughts with you, have fun and play good golf!

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