Saturday, March 04, 2006

Getting Personal With Tiger Woods. Where's Elin?

Pink iPodIn this week's Golf for Beginners Podcast Seventeen Barry and I talk about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's 2005 showdown at Doral's Blue Monster and the possibilities of another exciting finish this year at the Ford Championship. A dramatic ending usually occurs here at the 18th hole.

Also, learn a little more about Tiger Woods this week. What's his favorite movie? How does he like to spend his time? How does his wife, Elin, fit into his plans?

In honor of this weekend's 78th Academy Awards we discuss how the LPGA has moved into the mainstream by inclusion into this year's celebrity giftbags. Listen to the podcast and hear how the ladies gain their own celebrity status. Among the female golfers involved are Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis and Christina Kim.

As new LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens stated, "the LPGA is one of the hottest sports properties in the world right now, and the LPGA gift is a unique offering that stands out from the spa packages, electronics and hotel trips that are traditionally included. Our product is our players, and what better way for A-list Hollywood celebrities to experience the LPGA than at a tournament and through a golf lesson with one of our stars."

With new and exciting ideas like this one, it won't be long before the LPGA gains celebrity status of their own!

Being included in a $100,000 celebrity gift basket will make the golfers more recognizable to top executives, which could open up a whole world of advertising for the LPGA. This would make the ladies more accepted in an entirely new arena outside of basic cable and perhaps, in time, start the snowball effect of placing the ladies into mainstream media. It won't happen overnight but they're certainly moving in the right direction.

To see some of the items included in this year's Oscar Celebrity Gift Bag, visit the Sun Times.

Our Blogger Weekly section is back with the "Battle of Medway" and Cosmonauts hitting golf balls in space.

And mediaguru from asks John Daly to stop singing…frankly we don't agree.

Barry and I finish up with some great golf tips that are easy to both practice and remember.

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