Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gulbis and Amiee…Friends?

Oh no! Could it be that Danielle Amiee, winner of Big Break III and most notably known for abusing Pam Crikelair on that show, is golfing buddies with Natalie Gulbis?

C'mon, give me a break!

On this Tuesday's episode it sure looked as if Gulbis was being pal-sy with the bleached-blonde. Could this have just a marketing ploy to pair the two for advertising dollars and increased ratings? Gulbis is increasing in popularity with her new 2006 calendar while Amiee's popularity has been slipping since her m/c at Kingsmill in the Michelob Ultra Open.

I wonder if that eye roll was real (you know, the one Natalie threw the camera when Amiee was throwing around one of her one-liners)?

In other Natalie Gulbis Show news, What did you think about that hot, red Dodge Viper? Now that's my type of car although carrying that large set of golf clubs didn't look too comfortable for neither her nor the clubs!

Cristie Kerr is friends with Natalie Gulbis. I wonder whether or not Natalie knows Donald Trump? My bet is that they all play golf together. But who would be their fourth?

Trump, Kerr, Gulbis and hmmm

Well, that's all I have for now. I think I would make a good fourth. I don't think Danielle Amiee would fit in that foursome, do you?

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