Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Golf for Beginners Podcast 10-25-05

Venturing into the unknown both Barry and I hope to deliver a podcast with a punch.

Although podcasting isn't as difficult as I thought there are still alot of small pieces that fit into the puzzle. I have become not only a writer but also a producer. Even though my creative juices are flowing I also have to write certain codes that make the program run.

But I'm on the right track. We just published our first podcast in iTunes. That means that not only did the html and xml validate but I figured out how to use Garageband!

Here's a direct link to our first Golf for Beginners podcast

Sometimes I get writer's block. Barry says that's how I know I'm a writer. I say I get a block when there are too many irons in the fire and I can't just concentrate on one item at a time. But that's the world we live in. Everything has to be done today...and with a sense of urgency.

Our weekly golf podcast is only one iron fueling an ever-growing fire. I started writing golf-for-beginners just under a year ago and it's growing in leaps and bounds. I write twice weekly for the Sand Trap which, although my editor says it shoudn't take longer than forty-five minutes to write an LPGA article, I find I finish in just about two hours. There just aren't enough hours in a day!

Looking on the bright side I get to do something which makes me happy. Writing allows me to express myself. And, if you know me, I like to talk...alot! So this new golf podcast should be exciting as it matures.

I hope to make the format of our new podcast a bit different from the visuals of this website. Barry and I like to play golf whenever possible so I hope to sprinkle tips that I found interesting during my round in my audio like "What did I think was my best shot of the day and why?" or figure out where and when my golf game took a nosedive. Either way it's going to be broadcast live, editing out the occasional "er" or "um" that happens in any live event.

Since the PGA, European, LPGA and Champions tours all interest me I think we'll also say what's on our minds about the professional side of golf. It's always fun to comment about the up-and-coming stars on tour as well as the ones who have been around since I started watching as a kid (you can never say too much about legends Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer).

There will be other surprises as our audio broadcast grows so I hope you'll go along with us for the ride of our lives. It should be a blast!

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