Friday, February 11, 2005

Visualization for Golf Beginners

By - my first posting, hope you like it!

Golf beginners who are truly interested in the sport eat,
drink and sleep golf.

I must be a golf beginner because I can't wait until Thursday.
What's so important about Thursday, you ask?
Well, Thursday is the start of another golf weekend for the PGA Tour (okay, I must admit I watch whatever tour is on TV at the doesn't matter if it's the Champions Tour or the European Tour

And, I notice that most golfers have a favorite on the PGA Tour.
I personally cheer weekly for Phil Mickelson. Being an underdog
in a sport where Tiger is "top dog" helps my decision, but I'm also a lefty
and Phil's swing is one of the nicest to visualize when I'm at the driving range.

The thought of visualizing a particular golfer's swing is important when you get out to the golf course. I picture Mickelson's swing because of the fluidity of his tempo.
In my mind I BELIEVE that my swing looks and feels like Mickelson's, which gives me that all important CONFIDENCE I NEED to swing away.

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I hope you enjoy it!


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