Friday, July 28, 2017

If You Only Take Away One Golf Tip from The Open...

There are more golf tips from The Open than you can shake a club at, as Barry Solomon states in his article (below). One major takeaway can lead you to a win as it did for Jordan Spieth.

Read Barry's tips below and apply them to your next round.

Article this week written by Barry Solomon

There is one thing golfers can take away from last week’s (British) Open tournament.

NEVER throw in the towel.

Whether playing alone, with friends or in a competition, you should never give up.

Golf is a game of errant shots; it’s how you handle them that can turn your game around.  Here are a few tips that can help you stay "in the zone":

- Sometimes it’s as simple as putting on a new glove or retying your shoe laces.
- Take a deep breath before addressing the ball.
- Try to forget your last shot.  Concentrate on the shot in front of you.
- Before you take your next shot, remember when you’ve hit a similar shot with a great outcome.
- Never allow yourself to give up on the possibility of a win.  Your playing buddies can run into difficulties and give up strokes while you sink that par or birdie putt.

Jordan Spieth showed us the way this past weekend at The Open.  Although we are not pro golfers, these are things we can all do just as well.

And last but not least: Play happy golf.  It’s a great game.

In case you missed The Open Championship 2017, here is the final leg:

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Charles Avelar said...

Love playing gold myself and watching some play good! Loved your post, thank you this article is rly awesome!