Friday, July 21, 2017

Golf Tips to Keep Players on the Short Grass

Getting out of trouble and back into play may be a fundamental of golf but wouldn't it be nice to improve your chances of success? Staying in the fairway involves not only a repeatable golf swing but also playing smarter, not harder.

Golf for Beginners offers a few tips to help golfers of all skill levels keep the ball on the short grass.

1. Club Selection: If you hit a bomb of a drive grumbling, "I shouldn't have taken out my driver!", you chose the wrong club...a common problem among amateur golfers.

Instead of always reaching for the driver, think about the hole which lies ahead - note the distance to water, traps, and trees to determine whether or not you should pull out a different club.

2. Straight Shooter: If you know you are slicing or hooking the ball during the day, it is better to compensate than to change your swing. "Set-up to play the fade," according to Keiser University's College of Golf and Sport Management.

3. Center Your Shots: Don't try to "place" your ball in a certain spot - instead, aim for fat parts of both fairways and greens.

4. Playing it Safe: Golfers have a tendency to "go for it" when playing it safe could keep you in play and, with a nice lie. Although you may have some great shots in your bag, you are not Phil Mickelson or you would be playing in The Open this week. Use wise course management and minimize your penalty strokes.

5. BREATHE!!! - Before every round, my husband always reminds me to take a deep breath while over the ball; it relaxes my body and hands and the overall result is a more comfortable, lazy swing. Think TEMPO. Try it next time you are standing over that little white orb.

What creative ideas can you share to keep your golf ball in the fairway? Let us know on this Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.


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Tom Davies said...

Good tips! Do you think, as a beginner, which clubs I buy will affect me as much as some people say? Like should I buy expensive irons that pros use, or irons specifically made for beginners? Please help if possible!

Anonymous said...

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