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2016 Olympics - Scoring a Perfect Ten? #golf

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To me, The Olympics are "must-see" TV; whether it's Michael Phelps swimming or Rickie Fowler swinging a golf club, I'm hooked. I give the production value and the action a perfect ten!

Jack Nicklaus recently stated that it was a "shame for the game of golf" that certain players were going to skip the Olympics due to scheduling issues (or even the Zika virus?...which was not mentioned).

"The game needs stimulation in countries where we don't have golf," said Nicklaus about the long list of golfers that are basically "hurting the game of golf."

So, to Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and the rest of the golfers who have officially backed out of the 2016 Olympics for whatever reason, it's not about you, says Jack, "it's about the game".

Editor: Nicklaus must have taken some heat for his Olympic-sized golf comments because on came the retraction..."I'm into growing golf because I'm past my time. I look to the future of what happens to it. These guys are thinking, 'How do I make a living, how do I perform?"

Brazil's Olympic Committee President, Carlos Nuzman claimed that the pullout is not all about scheduling or the Zika Virus; there are other reasons why top male golfers have decided to turn their backs on the Summer Games, namely the almighty dollar.

"They tried to blame Zika, but the media have shown that they are not coming because there's no prize money. Zika is much worse in Florida than in Brazil, and golfers are playing in Florida,"

Is Mr. Nuzman justified in his comment or is this just a case of sour apples?

Now that we have briefly opined on Nicklaus' and Nuzman's take on golfers who are out of the Olympics, let's discuss the awesome Summer Games and who will represent both the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.

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Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Henrik Stenson are a few of the male participants to represent their country at the 2016 Olympics.

None of the ladies have pulled out of competition, so the list of LPGA and LET players is extraordinary, from the South Korean contingency to newlywed Stacy Lewis. They're out on the Rio fairways to grow the game and get an Olympic-sized boost in the process and, as true fans of the sport should realize...when watching the women play golf, it is closer to watching your own game.

So, now that I've whet your whistle, are you going to give golf in The Olympics a chance? Still not convinced? Here is an interesting video preview:

Men's Olympic golf action runs from August 11-14 and women's action starts on August 17th and runs to August 20th.

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