Friday, August 26, 2016

#Golf Tips for Breaking 90 - You're Almost There!

For golf beginners, there are certain milestones which, when achieved, make playing the game even more fun; breaking one-hundred is one of those moments. The satisfaction of knowing you can get from tee to green in double versus triple digits is the first goal of many to conquer for newbies.

golf range beginnersTo break 100, what is the best course of action?

PGA Pro Ron Labritz states that, "instead of going out to work on your full swing, work from the green backwards."

In other words, work on your putting, then chipping, until you get to your driver, which should come last in the rotation.

Once you can honestly say that your short game is getting into shape, get out onto the golf course and take stock of the positive results.

What about breaking 90? The next goal in golf is where the focus and attention turn more to improving your tempo and the execution of shots according to Lynn Marriot and Pia Nilsson.

Dean Reinmuth says that it's not necessarily about breaking 90, its celebration time whenever you shoot a score better than your current personal best. Also, play shots that have a high success rate, learn to manage your emotions and "use shots that you can perform with a high degree of consistency and will accomplish what you need."

My husband, Barry, has been working on his game and is now regularly in the 80's. I asked him how he did it; here are a few of his golf tips.

1. Stay focused on every shot
2. Always take the low risk, smart shot
3. Don't let an errant shot blow up the hole - get back in play and quickly forget the bad shot
4. Have fun and play the round with a light heart
5. Keep accurate score for the hole but don't total your score until the end of the round

Correct practice makes perfect...don't just hit golf balls at the driving range - have a purpose, play smart and you will see that score hit 89 and lower before you know it!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Three Reasons to Play #Golf as a Single

As a small business owner, if the opportunity arises and all bases are covered at work, the time may be perfect for a round of golf - you just might not have anyone to play with on such short notice.

Men may not have a problem with going out as a single but I have heard from several golf beginners and women that they feel uncomfortable walking over to the starter and getting paired up with a stranger. Well, fear not and get moving! Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, fresh air and sunshine, being paired up has its advantages.

Here are three good reasons why you should go out and play golf as a single:

golfer_swing1. New Playing Partners: You never know who you may meet going out as a single golfer. Whether you are a business owner like me, a divorced dad, a single mom, or someone looking to make a new friend, a new group gets you socializing in one of the most pleasant and fun settings anywhere.

I have met several people throughout my years on the course whom I now consider a friend - I have even met a few people who have helped me in my career; it all started with a handshake and an introduction.

2. Competition: Having a handicap makes the game fun and even. The scoring system is designed to allow all level of player to compete. You can actually see where your game is in comparison to people you don't know and how you compete in a situation that is unlike your normal routine. This scenario also teaches you how to play your own game and maybe get in the zone.

3. Improves Your Confidence: If you are worried about what people think when they meet you at the tee or how you might perform during the round, think of the confidence boost you will receive after you take the plunge - this type of activity will take you out of your comfort zone where you know what to expect and give you the impetus to become more comfortable with taking risks.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Should You Buy a #Golf Cart?

Whether it’s for getting around a gated community or for cruising from one golf hole to the next, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to buy golf carts. 

Many people have swapped their daily drive vehicles in favor of a more affordable golf cart. In fact, my family and I enjoy regular rides to the beach, to the store and to the dog park!

Places such as Myrtle BeachPeachtree City, Georgia and Coachella Valley in Southern California are known for being golf-cart friendly and this trend continues to grow. 

If you are thinking about buying a golf cart, here are some important factors to consider:

What Are You Using It For?
It may come as a surprise to some people, but there are a surprising number of ways in which golf carts are used these days. Before you take any action, it’s best to consider for what purpose you will be using your golf cart. 

Here are some popular uses for golf carts these days:

Hunting:  Avid hunters seek out special golf carts to help them carry large game and get around rough terrain. If you are searching for a golf cart for this purpose, you will want to look into models that have a lot of pulling power and tires that have excellent traction.

Getting around gated communities:  Many people use golf carts as a way to get around gated communities or run quick errands. Golf carts take up little space and are easy to drive around, making them more practical than a regular vehicle.

Playing golf:  Of course, a popular reason for getting a golf cart is for golfing purposes. Carrying golf clubs around eighteen holes can be exhausting and golf carts allow you to get to the next hole quicker.  With self-driving golf carts in the works, you may not even need to drive yourself around in the future. More to follow on this new tech!

Work purposes:  Some companies use golf carts around their facilities to transport workers and other equipment easily and affordably; depending on the business, these golf carts may have cargo boxes attached to the back for easy hauling of equipment.

Gas Or Electric Golf Cart?

Another consideration is whether you want a gas-powered or electric golf cart. Weighing the pros and cons of each will help you make a decision.

Gas Golf Carts
Some people prefer gas-powered golf carts because they run longer on a single tank of gas than electric cars can on a single charge. They also tend to have higher horsepower, making it easier to tackle hills and other tricky terrain. Unfortunately, gas-powered carts are typically noisier than electric golf carts and are not good for the environment. They also may have higher maintenance fees compared to electric golf carts.

Electric Golf Carts
Electric golf carts are powered by an electric battery that can be recharged and do not need gasoline to run, which saves golf cart owners money. They are much quieter than gas-powered golf carts and don’t release harmful emissions into the environment. On the downside, replacement batteries are not cheap, and how often they need to be replaced will depend on how well you take care of them. Any accessories that you decide to use (fans, heaters, lights, etc.) will deplete the battery quicker.

Decisions, Decisions...Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?

Just like gas-powered and electric-powered golf carts have their pros and cons, so do new and used vehicles. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before making your decision.

New Golf Cart
With new golf carts, you get a golf cart that has no history with other owners, and this is especially nice with electric cars because you know the condition and age of the batteries. Newer cars also tend to come with a warranty. On the downside, they are much more expensive than used golf carts.

Used Golf Cart
One of the biggest advantages of a used golf cart is the price and some dealers may be willing to offer extended warranties to used golf cart buyers. On the other hand, you will not get as much peace of mind as you would with a new car in regards to its owner history. We were lucky as we purchased a used golf car in great condition from a neighbor.

It is therefore important that you do your research to ensure that you are not getting ripped off. This means that you should be aware of the going price for that particular brand and model and also have a full inspection done of the cart.

Electric Engines
With electric golf carts, you may also find it important to think about engine voltage. The majority of new golf carts today use a 48 volt system, while a few still have 36 volt systems.  The 36 volt engines have less power than 48 volt engines, and this is important if you are going to be driving on more than just flat surfaces. For hills and rough terrain, a 48 volt engine will supply you with more torque and pulling power for getting up those hills.

What Are the Best Brands and Models of Golf Carts?

There are plenty of different golf cart manufacturers and models to choose from; some of the most well-known brands include Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-Go. 

Selecting a well-known brand will make it easier for you to find golf cart parts and accessories when you need them. Which brand you decide on will depend on what you plan on using your golf cart. 

For instance, E-Z-Go is a brand that is known for handling rough terrain and built to be durable, making it a good choice for hunters and yardwork. E-Z-Go also offers golf carts that are powered by electric batteries or by gas. On the other hand, Club Cars have an aluminum frame that is lightweight, making them a good choice for driving around the beach or in the neighborhood. 

Purchasing a golf cart is a big decision and there are some important factors to take into consideration before you buy one and ride off into the sunset. The best way to make an informed decision is to think carefully about how you will be using your golf cart, as this will play a role in whether you should buy a golf cart that is new or used, gas-powered or electric and what brand fits your needs best.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

2016 Olympics - Scoring a Perfect Ten? #golf

golf pictogram
To me, The Olympics are "must-see" TV; whether it's Michael Phelps swimming or Rickie Fowler swinging a golf club, I'm hooked. I give the production value and the action a perfect ten!

Jack Nicklaus recently stated that it was a "shame for the game of golf" that certain players were going to skip the Olympics due to scheduling issues (or even the Zika virus?...which was not mentioned).

"The game needs stimulation in countries where we don't have golf," said Nicklaus about the long list of golfers that are basically "hurting the game of golf."

So, to Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and the rest of the golfers who have officially backed out of the 2016 Olympics for whatever reason, it's not about you, says Jack, "it's about the game".

Editor: Nicklaus must have taken some heat for his Olympic-sized golf comments because on came the retraction..."I'm into growing golf because I'm past my time. I look to the future of what happens to it. These guys are thinking, 'How do I make a living, how do I perform?"

Brazil's Olympic Committee President, Carlos Nuzman claimed that the pullout is not all about scheduling or the Zika Virus; there are other reasons why top male golfers have decided to turn their backs on the Summer Games, namely the almighty dollar.

"They tried to blame Zika, but the media have shown that they are not coming because there's no prize money. Zika is much worse in Florida than in Brazil, and golfers are playing in Florida,"

Is Mr. Nuzman justified in his comment or is this just a case of sour apples?

Now that we have briefly opined on Nicklaus' and Nuzman's take on golfers who are out of the Olympics, let's discuss the awesome Summer Games and who will represent both the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.

Click the link to read my complete article: "Who is Golfing for Gold at The Olympics?"

Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Henrik Stenson are a few of the male participants to represent their country at the 2016 Olympics.

None of the ladies have pulled out of competition, so the list of LPGA and LET players is extraordinary, from the South Korean contingency to newlywed Stacy Lewis. They're out on the Rio fairways to grow the game and get an Olympic-sized boost in the process and, as true fans of the sport should realize...when watching the women play golf, it is closer to watching your own game.

So, now that I've whet your whistle, are you going to give golf in The Olympics a chance? Still not convinced? Here is an interesting video preview:

Men's Olympic golf action runs from August 11-14 and women's action starts on August 17th and runs to August 20th.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

Strong Odds that Henrik Stenson Will Win Gold at The 2016 Olympics #golf

2016 Rio Olympic Games logo golf
Who are your golf favorites to take home gold at the 2016 Olympics? Are you willing to bet on it? Golf is a gambling game and the odds-makers are taking advantage of this opportunity for a "sports gambling fix" as mentioned by has listed Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia as favorites in men's golf Olympic competition by way of the site

"Stenson, who will represent Sweden at the Olympics Aug. 11-14, is a 9/2 favorite to win the men's golf competition. Spain’s Sergio Garcia has the second-best odds at 7/1, and Great Britain’s Justin Rose is 12/1."

Do you agree that Henrik Stenson is the golfer to beat in The Olympics...or, should you consider long shots Rudolfo Cazaubon and Danny Chia who come in at 300/1 odds as possibilities?

Let's not forget that the ladies are also seeking to become medalists - Olympic Women's Golf Competition will be televised on August 17th.

It is no surprise that the number one female golfer in the world right now, Lydia Ko, is a favorite in Olympic Women's Golf at +300 odds, according to Keep an eye out for teen Brooke Henderson and Lexi Thompson when considering whom to lay your hopes on during stroke play - these two ladies are currently third and fourth, respectively, in the world rankings.

I wonder if there are odds for hitting a hole-in-one?

Golf for Beginners does not endorse gambling of any kind. Sporting events such as The Olympics and the Majors are massive opportunities for gambling as these are games of chance.

Text whom you see as gold medalists for the men's and women's Olympic Golf Competitions in our comments section and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.


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