Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Odds for Danny Willett to Win The 2016 Masters and Giveaway Winner Selected!

The 2016 Masters did NOT disappoint the fans and Jordan Spieth walked away with his dignity in spite of an unexpected implosion. Spieth is a true champion, gracious in defeat.

And, what about Danny Willett? Willett is a surprise, dark-horse pick that The Masters sports books did not expect to win and wound up shelling out quite a bit of money on fifty-to-one odds!

Congratulations to The 2016 Masters winner, Danny Willett.

Now, on to the announcement of the winner of the golf hat giveaway from Golf for Beginners and MMO Golf...

The recipient of the Official 2016 Masters Golf Hat is...

CATHY from Hope, Joy Golf.

Here is Cathy's entry which won us over:

Thanks to all who entered! Looking forward to our next giveaway!

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Daniel Munoz said...

So you gave it to another company?