Wednesday, April 06, 2016

And The Masters Green Jacket Goes To...Jason Day? #golf

Who is The 2016 Masters' favorite or Who Do You Think is Going to Win The Masters is on most fans' lips and a topic of conversation this week for many golf writers and so Golf for Beginners asks readers, "Who is your choice to take home the green jacket this year?"

Whether you lay down a two dollar Nassau with your mates or plunk down hundreds at an online betting site, golf is, and will always be, a gambling game.

Golf Digest doesn't give you a single winner or a straight answer, offering suppositions and options such as "under thirty/over thirty" choices like Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, etc, hedging their bets by not offering one definitive choice. In their defense, however, there are a lot of variables before making a decision; pin placements, conditions and who brought their "A" game this year.

In seasons past, this decision would probably have been a no-brainer, choosing Tiger Woods to take home The Masters trophy and green jacket but, with the former number one opting to take a role as emcee, he has decided to hit the first drive of the tournament instead of playing four grueling rounds,

Jason DayThat being said, do you think that Jordan Spieth will win back-to-back Masters tournaments?

Odds are that Spieth will take a back seat to Jason Day, winner of his last two starts, going off at 7-to-1 odds according to

Doc Sports agree and all three sites have Spieth and Rory McIlroy trailing in popularity with Bubba Watson and Adam Scott not far behind. CBS Sports places 2012 and 2014 Masters winner Watson in the top spot but concedes that, "It all depends on the first 27 holes."

As for the number one golfer on this list, Jason Day once wanted to quit the game and now is being considered The Masters favorite and with good reason. According to Yahoo Sports, Day, is "the winner of the last major in 2015, US PGA champion Jason Day, has secured top-10 finishes in 48 per cent of the 21 majors he has played in."

The Masters is set to begin on Thursday with the Par-3 preview offering fans a fun glimpse into the first major of the year. I am sure this year's Tournament will offer viewers the same excitement as in previous years. Let the games begin!

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