Thursday, March 31, 2016

Official 2016 Masters #Golf Gear GIVEAWAY!

Golf for Beginners is happy to announce that, for the third consecutive year, we are giving away official gear from The Masters Tournament!

Are you such a loyal golf fan that spring hasn't sprung until you see the azaleas in bloom surrounding Amen Corner? you wait with anticipation for Arnold Palmer to hit the first ball off the tee? 

Well, I hate to be a spoil sport but, according to, fans will miss both events as the azaleas had an early spring flowering and Mr. Palmer has opted out of this year's ceremonial swing.

That being said, there is nothing more exciting than a giveaway and, at GFB, it is now a tradition to provide a bit of swag for readers of our golf blog courtesy of the fine folks at

One lucky golf fan will win this Official 2016 Masters Caddy Slouch Hat. 

Read below for entry information.

MMO Golf Masters Merchandise

In my opinion, this is one of the most-sought-after items at The Masters! Your foursome will envy you thinking that you learned the secret to getting swag from The Masters (how else could you have gotten this invite?)

What do you have to do in order to try and win this Officially Incredibly Cool Masters Merchandise?

Here it comes... it's the Official Giveaway Rules!

This is a Twitter-based giveaway but we will also watch for the hashtag on Facebook and Google Plus:

Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and send us a tweet with the hashtag #MastersHat telling us why you want to win this prized possession.

Postings must include entrants' @username mention to @Golf4Beginners in addition to #MastersHat to be considered an entry.

One Masters slouch hat will be given away by Golf for Beginners blog.

Prizes contributed by (see below).

One Winner of Men's Hat  - Winner will be selected by me, Stacy Solomon, so please try to make nice yet opinionated Masters mentions as I will be reading and responding to all comments!

Only one entry per person and feel free to RETWEET this Great Giveaway and tell your friends.

Winners will be announced Monday after The Masters - no, Hootie and the Blowfish will not be playing at the announcement!

What else can you do to increase your chances? 

Follow MMOGolf on Twitter and add their handle to your tweets.

Like MMO Golf on Facebook, suppliers of great Masters Merchandise and the site responsible for this giveaway.


As always, please follow Golf for Beginners on Twitter and subscribe to this golf blog.

Friday, March 25, 2016

One of These Golfers Will Win The Masters #golf

Which one of these golfers will win The Masters? Here is the leaderboard of 2016 Masters invitees as shown on the website:

2016 Masters Tournament invitees

The list of players who have been selected above have qualified by March 21, 2016 (the field stands at 90), and can serve as a starting point for this golf blog's discussion as to favorites to win The Masters. For example, Tiger Woods is listed to play but, for the second year in a row, CBS Sports reports that Tiger Woods may not play in The Masters. Pairings and tee times will be available after the par-3 event on Wednesday.

Who is YOUR Favorite to win The 2016 Masters?

This is an invitation-only tournament so the golfers that have been selected are the cream of the crop and/or have won an event offering an exemption into this first of four major events of the year.

From the above list, here are the five players I suspect will be in contention on Sunday at The Masters:

Jordan Spieth - The top-ranked golfer in the world, already a Masters Champion in a wire-to-wire win and mentioned that this is his favorite tournament in the world. Also, Jordan set a Masters record last year for most birdies in a tournament (26).

Phil Mickelson - My favorite golfer... at 70 wins to date, made the cut in The Masters twenty-one times and has three green jackets in his closet. "The results will come if I continue to play the way I'm playing," Lefty recently stated.

Adam Scott - Not much for Match Play this year calling his recent halve "pathetic" but red-hot on the PGA Tour right now and, since golfers play in the moment, this is why I picked Scott as a possibility to win. Also, with Steve Williams confirmed as his Masters caddy, Scott has increased his winning potential, in my opinion.

Zach Johnson -Has a Claret Jug and a Green Jacket as his prized possessions. Very steady player.

Jason Day - Able to scramble and win against Graeme McDowell even after hurting his back during match play.

Okay, so I am not positively sure that any of my picks will win The Masters but, based on this season's performance as well as previous accomplishments, these players have a good shot at 2016 Masters glory.

Who are your picks? Let us know on this golf blog or on Twitter @Golf4beginners.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Which #Golf Club In Your Bag Inspires the Most Confidence?

How many times per round do you pull the driver out of your golf bag...hybrids...putter? Which golf club do you reach for when the going gets tough? Which golf club can you NOT live without?

Sure, there are some golf clubs are are more utilitarian than others, that you need to make it through each round. The driver, in most cases, gets you off of the tee and your putter serves its purpose at the end of every single hole which means you're ON the green (unless, of course, you chip-in or get lucky with a hole-in-one).

Some golf clubs, however, serve several purposes, for example, my husband reaches for his 8-iron on the tee of some par-3's, when he's aiming for the green off the fairway and, one of his favorite shots is chipping using his 8-iron just off the green. I would say Barry has a stronger affinity for his 8-iron than for other clubs in his bag.

My favorite go-to club is my Titleist Vokey Spin-Milled Sand Wedge. Sure I use it out of the sand but I also reach for it to chip around the greens, when I'm flopping over a bunker and when I have about fifty yards remaining and I need a bit more feel in my hands to let the club do the work (when I'm landing the ball safely on the green). Yes, I do believe I play more confidently with my wedge.

Tour players have favorite "go-to" golf clubs as well. Here's a tweet from European Tour player John Hahn (@_JohnHahn) showing off his 58 degree Titleist SM6...aka "the buzz saw". Sure I could have shown a photo of my Vokey but this one is definitely more ...gritty:

When you swing a club well and make repeatable contact, it inspires confidence and you find other uses for it. For example, you may not be consistent with your driver and may reach for your 5-wood instead; you may suffer a bit in distance but getting the ball onto the fairway gives the club a favorable spin. so to speak.

It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it. 

    ~ Jack Nicklaus

Augusta Golf Instruction also adds that the reason you might have a favorite golf club could be the length of the club or the grip being "just right", which could mean that you have some clubs "with different lofts and lies which may perform very differently from the rest of the clubs in your bag." It might be time to get your golf clubs fitted by a professional. But, on the flip side, all of your clubs may well become your favorites!

Which golf club would you never part with...which club in your bag inspires the most confidence?
Tell us in the comments section below and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Will You Start YOUR #Golf Season?

The golf season is already in full swing down in the southern and western states (East and West Coast Swing) but for many golfers who are just dusting off their clubs, the hard and fast rules have not yet settled in.

Have no fear!

If you are not playing in competition and are out for a friendly round with a few of your mates, set the rules right from the beginning of the round.

Here are a few helpful golf tips to get you started:

- If the golf course is very muddy (and they usually are this time of year), make sure you emphasize the ever important, "Lift, Clean and Place" Rule. Although the PGA of America did not consider using this rule during the U.S. Open, it sure can help during a sloppy round on your home course!

embedded golf ball
- It might also be equally important to make known the embedded ball rule.

According to Golf Digest, it's not a good idea to use your new Titleist Pro V1's either as your swing is not yet in the groove and these pearly whites (or yellows) will probably find their way into someone else's bag. Better to stick with leftovers for now.

- Since you are not Tiger Woods and if you are not in competition and only out for a bit of fun, if your ball lands safely on the fairway but lands in a divot, MOVE YOUR BALL OUT OF THE DIVOT! Make sure you alert your playing partners beforehand but... why should you be penalized on the fairway because a previous golfer did not replace the turf?

- Read up on Etiquette and respecting another golfer's space and line. Be polite to your fellow players. Did you know that "nine out of ten greenskeepers believe that players should pass an etiquette test before playing golf?"

Read more: Should Golfers Have to Pass an Etiquette Test?
Do You Believe that Golf Is Becoming an Impolite Game?

- This is not the time of year to play the odds - instead of trying low percentage shots, get your golf ball safely to the green, putt in and move on to avoid the dreaded snowman making an appearance on your card.

- Is this your first round of the season? It's probably not a good idea to keep score. If you're out with another single, why not suggest another type of format like match play; it's fun to play, less stressful, each hole is it's own adventure and it's easy to score without having to mark a card!

- While emphasizes the Rules of Golf for all level of play, some newbies, returnees, recreational golfers (or players who haven't hit the links all season), might be inclined to take advice from US Recreational Golf Association founder, David Felker, who believes that fun, friends and a beautiful course trump score when you are playing with like-minded mates. Enjoy the journey... and remember, "you do not have to be a great golfer to have fun."

How do YOU Kick Off your Golf Season? Comment below on this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tips to Spruce Up Your Golf Swing for Spring

Stacy Solomon_golfI admit it - I am a golf tip addict. I love receiving and reading tips in my emails or searching through Google in order to improve my game and then sharing knowledge with my readers.

The tips that work best are usually the fundamental ones and so I would like to share a few tidbits before the season warms up and golfers are too busy thinking about swinging the club than improving the basics.

Let's get right to the golf tips, shall we?

GASP Before Every Swing:
An oldie but goody which I received from one of my first instructors was the term G.A.S.P., an acronym for Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture. G.A.S.P. is what your pre-shot routine should be on every shot you take. Make sure your grip is not too tight, Aim the bottom edge of the club square with the target, align your club properly and stand tall to the ball but don't rise up.

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo!
There are so many different components to a golf swing and tempo is, by far, one of the most important parts to practice. Tempo is different for all golfers - for example, according to an article by Brian Hill, in Jack Nicklaus' prime his swing tempo was clocked at 1.96 seconds but Arnold Palmer's was a much speedier 1.36 seconds.

If you think you need to swing faster in order to get the golf ball farther down the fairway, think again. Both men were the best golfers in the world so what is important to remember about your tempo?

- Relax...tension is the killer of the best golf swing.
- Great video from Paul Wilson Golf in which he describes tempo, how the body tells your arms how fast to move and more:

You Got it on Now You Need to Get It IN:
Two Ideas for Putting - Getting Down the Correct Speed and Line, (also how fast the greens are and the direction of the sun, how the grass is bent, but let's stick to the basics). Sounds simple doesn't it? Should be for most golfers but, according to James Parker Golf, players think too much. "We don’t want to be thinking about things like taking the putter back and through a certain amount of inches." What we want to do is "roll the ball a certain speed on a certain line into the hole – that’s it."

Tom Watson's easy putting tip from his father? "Don't peek to see where the ball is going. It's a great way to make sure your head stays still and to develop a consistent stroke."

More Putting Tips In this Link.

Practice from Different Lies:
When you're out on the golf course, you don't always have the best lie - this is NOT a game of perfect conditions! Instead of practicing your short game or iron shots from the short stuff or from a flat surface, vary the lie from hardpan to waste areas, says Stan Utley. In this Golf Digest Tip of the Week, Utley teaches how to get out of bad lies with your dignity.

Golf tips to share with our readers? Feel free to post them below in the Comments section of our golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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