Friday, January 15, 2016

Jordan Spieth Takes Over as the Choice of a New #Golf Generation

Move over Tiger Woods...a replacement is in the wings!

Jordan Spieth and some of the young guns in golf are now being referred to as "Tiger Babies", a term being bandied about by writers and magazines with respect to former number one golfer in the world, Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth

We watch as Tiger Woods' children are growing up right before our eyes, swinging clubs like their "old man" and, before we know it, Woods is forty-years-old...old enough to father at least one of the new trailblazers in the sport. Many of these top players have mentioned Woods as the reason that they are in the game and owe him a debt of gratitude and thanks for fattening their wallets.

As Ron Sirak stated, "All looked to Woods as an example, and the result has been a drastically deepened talent pool in golf."

With reference to Jordan Spieth, he shows an ever-growing ability to "become" the next great player...a modest, respectful and very talented golfer whom fans will follow and to whom children might refer to one day as the one who has done so much to improve the millennial base.

"We’re very excited about where we’re at and the start to our career as a team, and what Tiger has’s nice to be in that company." - Jordan Spieth, after winning the 2016 season-opening Hyundai TOC.

Proper etiquette and a youthful appearance at their respective ages, however, are not enough to measure the two golfers and Spieth is loath to be compared to the former world number one golfer.

“I think that’s something that people are looking for but is not there with anybody right now because it’s something I don’t think that can be compared until at least midway through their career," claimed Jordan Spieth on the eve of the 2015 The Open Championship.

Jordan went on to say,“This is an early timetable. When people ask me about those kind of parallels I try and shake it off because it’s not the same. I’m extremely happy with where I’ve been and how we’ve been able to compete and win early and win a couple majors at my age, but at the same time, I certainly have an appreciation for how Tiger could continue and continue and continue to keep winning majors at just an unbelievable percentage of the amount that he played in because it’s not easy. It’s very challenging."

Statistics for each golfer, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth, at the same times in their golf careers, also show a comparison in their level of ability.

Woods_Spieth head to head

According to, although Spieth and Woods are the only two golfers since WWII to win seven PGA Tour events before turning twenty-three years of age, Tiger began to roar soon after, winning twenty-nine times and amassing six major titles.

Only time will tell whether Spieth can hold on and make history but Jack Nicklaus commented that it's a good thing that Tiger Woods is no longer in the mix.

"It's a blessing for them to have had Tiger not being at the top because they've had an opportunity to not have to put up with being afraid of somebody dominating the game," Jack Nicklaus said. "They can go play. As a result of that they've been able to go out and win and prove to themselves they are there and can be there."

Do you think Spieth is the Choice of a New Golf Generation? Let us know in the comments section of our golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

photo:, World Golf


Dave Richardson said...

Jordan is definitely the choice of any generation! He plays the game like it should be played, no over hype, no "entitled" attitude...

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best4balls said...

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Jordan Spieth is playing excellent golf

Richie said...

Can you just really compare two players from different generation. Let's see who is going to dominate the new generation golf world!