Wednesday, March 04, 2015

10 Things Every Beginner Golfer Needs to Know #Golf #Infographic

Spring is only a few weeks away and many sports-minded enthusiasts who never picked up the sticks are eagerly planning to get out onto the links but don't know how or where to begin! Why not create a checklist of everything you'll need to play the game that will last you a lifetime!

From purchasing the proper golf equipment to the rules and etiquette of the game, Bird Golf Academy has placed all that you need to know in this easy-to-follow infographic.

Although all of the points within the guide are important to a beginner golfer, the one Golf for Beginners likes the best is the last, and most important, thought - Have Fun!

Via: The Bird Golf School

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Juliet Tan said...

In this post there is nice information is present for Golf lovers.

Linda Baptiste said...

Yes very nice presentation about all needs for a beginner as me. Now I am starting learning golf playing lessons from thegolferswebsite and hope I will be a good golf player.