Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ready or Not, Here Comes Tiger Woods...Again! #golf

Tiger Woods says he "feels great" and that he is excited to return to competitive golf but are fans expectations too high for the new and improved Eldrick Tont Woods?

With a new swing coach by his side and reports surfacing that he is getting stronger every day, the almost thirty-nine year old Tiger Woods is hitting balls, practicing and readying to take the spotlight once again.

Great for Tiger Woods but will he be able to perform to the level which fans expect at the Hero World Challenge?

Since 2008, the tally of injuries sustained for Woods are broken leg, torn ACL, back problems, not to mention the mental trauma which resulted in heartache and the question remains, "Is Tiger Physically and Mentally Ready?"

From Facebook to Twitter to golf bloggers, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the former World Number One Golfer and are cheering him on from the comfort of their laptops.

On Tiger's Facebook Page:
Colin Rennick Way to go Tiger!!! Cant wait to see you back and kicking some butt!!  GO TW GO
Suzanne Acosta Congratulations Tiger. Looking forward to seeing you back in action next week.

Twitter folks are more cynical wondering whether the Thanksgiving incident of five years ago still has an impact on Woods' game, from Golf Channel to your basic, every day fan:

Questions still remain for Tiger Woods five years after his Thanksgiving incident:

The biggest turkey I always mention in Thanksgiving is Tiger Woods.
'Ho, ho, ho....'

On Emily Kay's SB Nation post we find the inevitable questions, "Have expectations changed?" and "Will Tiger win at all in 2015?

ESPN states that recovery from his back issues has allowed Woods to ramp up his practice sessions on the range and that he is hopeful ...that his game is poised to reap the benefits.

Communication is the key to the development and resurgence of Tiger Woods, as former swing coach, Sean Foley, stated after being recently replaced, "We came to a point where we weren't communicating as well as we needed to anymore and we didn't want to jeopardize our friendship."

The Hero World Challenge is a non-elimination event of eighteen professional golfers which will take place at Isleworth Golf and CC (Tiger's stomping grounds) December 3-7, 2014. Check your local listings.

No matter what happens during the event to Tiger Woods, whether or not he succeeds or fails in his comeback attempt, Golf for Beginners wishes him all the success that he has worked for his entire life.

What do you think? Will Tiger Woods have a successful return? Voice your opinion on this blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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Unknown said...

I sure hope Tiger Woods turns it around. I'd love to see him back to winning Majors this year.


Anonymous said...

Success firstly is playing regular tournament golf, injury free. As for winning tournaments, that will happen, somewhere along the road Tiger is now on.

Stacy Solomon said...

I think everyone wants to see Tiger Woods win again, or at least compete at the level he once did. He really did change the game, for fans, newbies of the sport and even for people who never watched/played golf!

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