Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Get Your Spouse and Kids On Par With #Golf

The answer to our title query is simple - get your spouse and family to have fun practicing golf with you without ever leaving your property.

If the scenario at home is one where, when you mention the word golf everyone groans, let me explain how you can turn those frowns upside down.

The first obstacle to overcome is that those who don't identify with the sport can't understand what makes you enjoy it so much!

Conquer a lack of exposure with education. We all know that elements of the game can be taught more easily when they're fun to learn.

With golf being so time consuming away from the home, it's much more difficult to create this learning experience. One great way to initiate a love of golf is with a home putting green. Think about more having to take the family out to play mini-golf; you could have your very own green right at home!

In association with short game instructor extraordinaire Dave Pelz, SYNLawn Golf has masterfully created everything from portable greens to backyard putting greens with short game areas that rival the finest golf course practice areas so the enjoyment factor begins the minute you pull out your putter. Next, it's time to bring the family into the equation (after you have tested the greens of course!)

It's time to create backyard family fun with your spouse and kids!

Here are a few Putting Tips for Beginners of any Age from Dave Pelz:
1. Before you actually take your first putt, together, learn a proper putting grip - Use Your Lifeline to hold the grip, not your wrists!

2. Learn "touch". Pelz says that, "As soon as you start to putt, you see results and begin filing them away. Whether you realize it or not, you have recorded the results of every putt you have ever made."

3. Good putts start with tempo - think "pendulum". Vary the length of your backswing to control the speed of your putts. Watch this video to see how the Master does it:

Now, Let the Games Begin!
No putting green experience is complete without games for all skill levels. Mr. Pelz designed Elements of Practice to maximize the use of SYNLawn greens so golfers can create the ultimate experience right at home, from short putts on the GreenMaker™ Putting Green System, a DIY putting green kit designed and engineered by Dave Pelz, to wedge and bunker shots on custom landscapes.

One of my favorite games taught to me by members of the EWGA (actually a putting drill) is called the Circle of Trust, a circle of three feet which surrounds the hole. You should make every putt from within three feet. Vary the distances you stand to make each putt from 20-foot, 10-foot and in and see who can get the most balls within the circle.

3 foot circle putting
3-foot circle game

Here are a few additional putting games to try, from modified match-play and stroke to horseshoes and Bango/Bongo.

PS...You can even let the family dog roll a few - SYNLawn was created with dogs in mind.  Safe for pets, but watch for chewy golf balls!

Get Competitive!
There is competition on the golf course so why not a family "wager" with your spouse and the kids? Here are a few interesting Prize Ideas:
Who cooks dinner for the husband-wife competition
Spa day for the wife (when she wins)
For Dad, that new putter he's been eyeing...
For the kids - what they'll have for dinner (take-out, Mc D's)
These contests can be short or even last for an entire month to decide the big winner - like who gets to pick the vacation spot that year!

It's probably easier to get kids involved than your wife but...once your spouse beats you the first time in a putting contest (and she will), she might urge you to take her out to twilight golf (date night) can get even more practice and she might even join a league of her own! So, everybody wins!

Finally, one last golf tip. I once asked Mr. Pelz about distance control on wedges. Read his response on Golf for Beginners blog.

Are you trying to get your spouse into golf? Let us know on Twitter @Golf4Beginners. Ask about DIY and Custom Greens @SYNLawn_golf.

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