Friday, April 16, 2010 Q&A with Dave Pelz and Golf4Beginners

Dave Pelz hosted a special question and answer session today on the website and I just had to ask the short game expert for a few tips and drills!

Golf4beginners said... 
Hi Dave,

I have a 56 and 60 degree wedge in my bag. When I practice at the range, I try to use both clubs (not at the same time) to hit a 60-yard target.

Is it good practice to vary ball position or backswing in order to gain proper distance? Is it important to practice with a few different clubs like 8-iron to get better feel?

Any good drills for distance control?

Thank you!

Dave Pelz
Dave Pelz said in reply to Golf4beginners... 
Greetings Golf4beginners!

For wedges, distance control is best accomplished by varying the length of your backswing. Don't change your ball position in your stance. The ball should be centered between your ankles (not toes) and your backswing should always be shorter than your follow-through.

And yes, it is important to practice with all different clubs in your bag - for example, on today's practice range session, practice your even-numbered clubs (4, 6, 8, PW), and for your next session, practice your odd-numbered clubs (5, 7, 9, SW).

Have fun! dp

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It's important to know proper practice techniques!

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Vince Spence said...


Dave's book is incredible on the four wedge/ three swing length system.

It is worth every penny, but check it out of the library first and test drive it.