Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Before and After Golf, Versatile Men's Outerwear

Before and after a round of golf, men who want to look their best must wear versatile articles of clothing. The best clothing in a man's closet is that which he can wear to numerous events and on multiple occasions. Men should not be held down by a lack of clothing that looks good in a variety of situations. From versatile mens blazers to classic oxford shirts, every man must compile a closet that improves his appearance every day.


Marriott Stripe Stretch JerseyShirts that men wear with these blazers must come in a variety of colors and these same shirts must come in a number of styles.

Some shirts are starched to appear like business attire. Other shirts are made with a much lighter fabric so that they look good with summer and spring clothing. When a shirt can be worn to work, to dinner and out for drinks, a man can look his best regardless of where he is.

Performance golf polo shirts, for example, can comfortably be worn during a round with a blazer added for dinner and drinks afterward. This Marriott Stripe Stretch Jersey, for example, easily goes from the course to the 19th hole.


Classic Navy Wool Blazer
The jackets that men wear must look good in a business setting, but the man should also be able to look more casual in the same jacket.

If men only wear suit jackets, they will find that their attire is too formal. It is best for men to own a few jackets that will work with their trousers, suit pants and casual pants.

This Classic Navy Wool Blazer really does justice to polo or oxford shirt.


Raleigh Washed Twill Flat Front PantThe pants that men wear must suit particular occasions, but their pants must pair well with other items as well.

The man who wears suit pants with a nice shirt to work should also be able to throw a sweater on when he heads to dinner or be able to quickly change into a polo for an afternoon back nine. When the pants look good with multiple outfits, they will look good with any outfit. The Raleigh Washed Twill Flat Front Pant is a good example of versatility and an all-around finished appearance.

The best way for a man to look good is with a versatile wardrobe. The wardrobe that a man compiles is going to present his personality to the world, but each man must have versatile clothing so his personality will shine through everywhere he goes.

"Style should never be forced. While it takes time to master your personal style, it should never look or feel like hard work is required to achieve it; if it does, you’re probably pursuing it for all the wrong reasons. The Italians have a word for this: sprezzatura, which, loosely translated, means the finely studied and highly practiced art of effortless nonchalance. Strive for that." 

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