Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pinnacle Golf Ball GIVEAWAY: What good works are you doing in the golf community?

In March, Pinnacle Golf set out to find golfers who have “gone the distance” in the fight against breast cancer.  Today, Pinnacle is happy to announce that they have named ten honorees in the "Going the Distance" Awards.

Going the Distance Awards is a program established to celebrate and honor remarkable individuals who are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.  The Going the Distance Award honors ten individuals within the golf community who have shown personal dedication to the fight against breast cancer, while demonstrating a passion to furthering the cause and positively impacting the lives of others.

The program celebrates and honors golfers who are making an impact in battling this disease. Ten honorees will have a $10,000 donation made in their name to help fund critical breast cancer research, as well as receive a prize package from Pinnacle.

Honorees were determined based on four key criteria:
·         A strong tie to breast cancer
·         Personal dedication to the fight against breast cancer
·         Impact on others’ lives or the community
·         Connection to, and passion for, golf

 Here are a list of the winners:

  • Honorees:
    • Faye Bildman – Bethesda, Md.
    • Cy Breen – Cathedral City, Calif.
    • Rachel Brown – Dublin, Ohio
    • Debbie Christiansen – Wichita, Kan.
    • Kathleen Christiansen – Greenville, Pa.
    • Cynthia Janssens – Estero, Fla.
    • Jeanne Puckett – Charlotte, N.C.
    • Mary Lou Ray – Aurora, Colo.
    • Anne Sievers – Manassas, Va.
    • Pam Tyler – Neosho, Mo.

Each honoree will have $10,000 donated by Pinnacle in their name to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® to help fund critical breast cancer research.  Donations from this program will go toward life-saving breast cancer research at the national level.  Along with the donation, each honoree will receive a Pinnacle prize package of custom attire, golf shoes and Pinnacle Gold Ribbon golf balls.

“Pinnacle is so proud to honor these ten amazing individuals who are making a difference in breast cancer research, education and awareness,” said Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President, Golf Ball Marketing and Communications. “Breast cancer is one of the leading health issues facing women and their families today, so this disease touches golfers everywhere.  By honoring these incredible members of the golf community, we hope to inspire others to join the fight to create awareness and find a cure.”

Pinnacle has a long history of supporting charitable organizations that are aligned with golf and has been committed to battling breast cancer and funding research toward a cure since 1995. 

And now, onto the GIVEAWAY...


Pinnacle Golf and Golf for Beginners want to know what good works you are doing in the golf community!

Post either on this blog, on our Facebook page and/or on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and we will randomly select TWO (2) winners who will each receive a box of the three-pack Pinnacle Gold Ribbon golf balls....distance and control to help you play your best!

Telling the world about your contributions to the world of golf can score you a new box of the latest Pinnacle Golf Balls....hit 'em straight! 


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