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Nike golf shoes let Michelle Wie, Anthony Kim show true colors on the course

Nike Golf Pays Tribute to Iconic Nike Dunk Shoe with the Introduction of the Nike Dunk NG

There will be a familiar iconic shoe showing up on the feet of Nike golf Athletes Michelle Wie and Anthony Kim. Both young athletes will be sporting the new Nike Dunk (NG) Golf shoe. Wie will debut the colourful shoes at this week’s Women’s Canadian Open and Kim will wear them in the coming weeks on the PGA Tour.

Note: As I mentioned in a previous Golf for Beginners post, Tiger Woods recently chose the new Nike FREE golf shoe because helped to improve his stability while offering him mobility during training sessions. Where the Nike FREE was originally utilized as a training shoe, the Nike Dunk NG was first a basketball shoe and has been transformed for golf afficionados: the addition of spikes and waterproofing makes it a choice for matching golf clothing and broadbase appeal.

A Nike brand franchise with a wide appeal, the Dunk has history, heritage, and a consumer cultural connection that Nike Golf respects and celebrates. The new Nike Dunk NG, which inspires individuality and personal expression, will be available in two colours for golfers from January 1, 2012 and further colours from March 2012.
Staying true to the original Nike Dunk which was created 25 years ago, Nike Golf has kept the original last to ensure that the Nike Dunk NG feels just the same as the Dunks that people have grown to love without compromising performance for golf. With golf specific spikes on the outsole and golf specific waterproof leather, the Nike Dunk has been transformed to perform on the course.

Keeping in line with the strong personality and attitude of the Nike Dunk, the Nike Dunk NG allows athletes to show their true colours on the course. The energy of Soar Blue, Safety Orange, Court Green for men and Spark, Orange Glow and Mint for women allow consumers to have a bold, athletic look while coordinating with the apparel from the Nike Golf Sport Collection.

The Nike Dunk NG comes with two sets of shoelaces, allowing athletes to either accentuate the bright colour of the shoe or to opt for traditional white. With full-grain waterproof leather, the Nike Dunk NG can battle the elements of poor weather conditions. The Scorpion Stinger Spikes ensure that traction is not an issue for the Nike Dunk NG.

The original Nike Dunk was created as a basketball shoe in 1985. After it was introduced to the world, the Nike Dunk started a commotion when basketball teams began wearing them to match their uniforms. New to the scene and already making a lasting impression, the Nike Dunks enjoyed a widespread following and massive popularity almost instantly. This new expression of style lasted through the years and Dunks have become the prized shoes for sneakerheads as well as fashion statements for anyone looking to add vintage style to their shoe collection. Now the Nike Dunk enters golf.

Key Features:

Full-grain waterproof leather
2 sets of shoelaces
Full-length contoured sockliner
Rubber cupsole
Authentic Nike Dunk fit and feel
1-Year Limited Waterproof Warranty
Scorpion Stinger Spikes and tri-LOK system

Released By Nike Golf

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Golf business opportunities said...

The shoes look cute...however, are they comfortable?

Gareth @ Golf For Beginners said...

No one does the "orange look" better than Rickie Fowler

Stacy Solomon said...

Gareth...popsicle orange isn't for everybody. Now that Michelle Wie has dyed her hair red, I think she should change the color of her Nike golf shoes.

Gareth @ Golf For Beginners said...

lol well maybe this is a way for her to draw attention to herself because she certianly isn't doing it through her golf these days. Whatever happened to Michelle Wie? She was this golden hope once upon time. I know she is still very young but she has kinda fallen off the radar!

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