Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tiger Woods makes golf, Twitter look easy!

Tiger Woods makes the game of golf look much easier than it is. Just imagine taking out your lob wedge and pitching a golf ball thirty yards close to the stick and you know what I mean.

Now that Woods is mastering Twitter, he sure is getting good at it (almost 300,000 followers since November)...must have something to do with those billion dollar fingers! Here are a few of Tiger's favorite and not-so-favorite things, from peanut butter to Basketball.

TW's Favorite sport other than golf? Basketball

Woods' Favorite teams? Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders

Favorite film? No movie compares to Caddyshack

Tiger Woods Favorite Golf Course: St. Andrews

Best pre-round meal and snack? Peanut Butter sandwich and almonds

Not so favorite thing? Not being able to grow a goatee

Now that Tiger Woods is proficient at Twitter, when will he join become more active on Facebook?

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