Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiger Woods earnings down but still $30 million richer than Phil Mickelson

According to SI.com, Tiger Woods may have dropped $9 million in earnings from last year but he is still the number one golfer on tour and still about $30 million ahead of Phil Mickelson!

Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson

In spite of his scandalous year, advertisers dropping like flies and nary a win in sight, Tiger Woods earned a whopping $90.5 million: only $20 million in "salary" from PGA Tour standings but $70 million from endorsements! In spite of being dropped by Gatorade, ATT and Accenture (see below), Woods' $10 million FedEx Cup bonus helped keep him in the number one position on the "Fortunate 50", ahead of Mickelson, LeBron James and Alex Rodriguez, whose Yankees salary of $33 million with only $4 million in endorsements barely halves Woods' home run.

Here is a list of Tiger Woods' corporate partners and sponsors, according to Golf.com, which helped keep Tiger Woods ahead on the money list:

1. Nike - "Just Do It"
2. EA Sports
3. Tag Heuer - "What are You Made of?"
4. Gillette - "The Best a Man can Get"
5. Accenture - "Go Ahead, Be a Tiger"
6. AT&T - "Reach out and touch someone"
7. Gatorade - "It's in Tiger, is it in you?"

Although Greg Norman recently stated, "...He'll come back and win golf tournaments, but he won't be as dominating as he used to be," I think that Tiger Woods' "B" Game was good enough to take home trophies. Once Woods starts winning regularly and this part of his life slowly fades into the past, companies will start returning to "Team Tiger".

People have very short memories and in golf, that's a good thing!

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