Thursday, September 02, 2010

Would the Big Apple take a bite out of Tiger Woods?

Would Tiger Woods thrive in the Big Apple or will a possible rebound apartment in New York City send him packing to Jupiter Island, Florida?

As Chris Cross' song states ("Arthur" Soundtrack), "When you get caught betweeen the moon and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love.."

With reports varying from Tiger Woods not moving into an apartment on Hudson Street in New York to internet articles pondering if it would be a good idea, I wondered the same.

Tiger Woods is no stranger to the Big Apple: he has a few memories (cough...Bethpage Black) which have sent him packing. But it is the latest issue of a $54 million mortgage taken out on his Florida bachelor pad may just have taken the bite out of his plans.

After reading ten reasons Tiger Woods should have an apartment in NYC and then the opposing side (both on Bleacher Report), I wondered if the greatest golfer in the world would be happy in the biggest city in the world or anywhere at this point in his life!

Elliott Pohnl's positive response to Woods' new digs leads to the conclusion that will spur Tiger on to more wins. From Tiger Woods "turning over a new leaf" to the ability to dodge the press, the benefits seem to neutralize the negatives.

On the flip side, having Rachel Uchitel close at hand isn't necessarily a good idea as New York City is ripe with young single women and plenty of cougars ready to pounce on newly single golf royalty. The need to fix his life before his golf swing also should have been damage control priority during the 2010 season, but better late than not at all.

On the flip side, I don't believe RM Herold should be offering up an opposing view as to why Tiger Woods' bachelor pad is a "bad idea."

First of all, advice should not be given by someone who is terrified of New Yorkers.

"Nothing but dirty looks and snide comments as I walked down the street with my 'Yankees Suck, Red Sox Rule' t-shirt on." You are lucky that you didn't get that tee-shirt ripped off of your back!

Seriously, New Yorkers have a lot of respect for the Red Sox team: it's the fans we have a problem with! Walk through the streets of Boston during post-season and you will see what I mean. I have never seen so many hate mongers hawking tee-shirts filled with venom as in Boston. Too bad...Beantown is really a lovely place to visit.

Back to the opposing view as to why Tiger Woods should stay away from the Big Apple.

He's a West Coast guy? Not really since Woods already owns digs in Jupiter Island and Windemere.

Traffic? Tourists? Privacy? Perhaps a problem for Tiger Woods as he doesn't like the spotlight but if DeNiro and a host of other celebs learn to live with and handle the pressures of New York living, I'm sure it will be a cinch for the top golfer in the world.

Of course, TMZ would have a field day with this, sending out paparazzi to lurk near the hottest clubs and in front of Woods' new digs for photo opps!

The bottom line is that there is too much time being spent conjecturing on Tiger Woods' private life, whether or not he will take a place in NYC, etc. The media should give Tiger Woods and his family time to pick up the pieces. Let's focus on the golf and hope that Woods makes a comeback for the sake of the game.

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