Monday, June 14, 2010

Tiger Woods Not Alone on Jupiter Island

The 10,000 square foot behemoth on Jupiter Island that Tiger Woods calls home is finally near completion but will Woods feel lonely when he moves back in?

Hardly as he shares the Island with some very high profile celebrities including Celine Dion, Nick Price, Burt Reynolds and Greg Norman. Norman tried to sell his digs last year for $65 million, couldn't find a buyer, dropped his price to $45 million, took it off the market and now has placed the mansion back into circulation for $65 million.

Former Lehman Bros. CEO Richard Fuld used to own digs on Jupiter Island but "sold" it to his wife for $100 after the company plummeted into bankruptcy.

Here is a picture of the old TW "house" and a link to the renovated Tiger Woods estate which includes a 9,500 square foot exercise building, oxygen therapy room (for when the air gets too thin) and two pools. I understand that one of those pools is a "reflecting" pool for when Tiger needs to rethink how his life has changed over the past year.

<=====Tiger Woods' house BEFORE renovation

Click here to see the NEW and IMPROVED Tiger Woods Estate and pictures of Celine Dion's and Greg Norman's digs.

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