Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Golf Tips for making the most out of your Bethpage Black round

After playing Bethpage Black Golf Course yesterday, we have composed a few golf tips to get the most out of your first round.

Bethpage Black Golf course is a grueling test of a golfers' composure, stamina and ability to strategize.  When you come upon the WARNING sign at the first tee at Bethpage Black, do not shrug it off...believe it.

You must be in good physical condition to take on the Black Course. If your legs are no longer as sturdy as they used to be, choose the Red or Green Course.

Golf carts are not allowed on The Black Course so be prepared to walk your way though it's undulating dirt and sand strewn pathways. After taking pushcarts, we suggest that you carry your golf bag and be sure to make it as light as possible.

Ladies should be aware that the difference between playing the forward versus the white tees is only about 461 yards (forward tees=6,223 yards, white tees=6,684 yards). There was only one hole on which I felt I had an advantage but wound up with a bogey. We could not even see where the tournament tees were placed on some holes so guys (ahem) should not try to let their testoterone get the better of them.

A drive onto the fairways on any golf course is important but at Bethpage Black it is a necessity. Landing your golf ball in the fescue or in the second cut of rough could easily have you searching for a few minutes where you'll probably wind up losing balls and racking up strokes.

If your approach shot is beyond your comfort zone, lay-up and pitch it onto the green. Taking a bogey is a much better scenario than what can happen.

The rough is still heavy and the greens are very quick even though Bethpage Black is not US Open ready.

When in the rough (as will invariably happen), concentrate on one thing; that is, getting the golf ball back onto the fairway. Take your penalty stroke and move on.

Although the sand is very playable, practice long greenside bunker shots and deep bunker shots before you take on The Black Course. You will undoubtedly find yourself in these two positions more than once.

Bring water as there are no water jugs on Bethpage Black. There is a snack house open between the 5th and 6th holes but you can get very thirsty on the Back 9. Remember that your brain is 75% water and clear decisions will come from hydration and keeping healthy snacks on hand.

Don't forget to stop and look around as Bethpage Black is a beautiful and most memorable golf course! Take your camera too as it is a premier picture taking opportunity and a way to prove to your golfing buddies that you played, and survived, the Black Course!


Although my golf ball landed safely onto the 18th fairway at Bethpage Black, the approach to a raised green is difficult to complete in one shot (unless you're Phil Mickelson).


Dave Donelson said...

Great tips, Stacy. Let me add one more--enjoy yourself! Leave your expectations of par at home and just appreciate the spectacular design, take in the sweeping vistas, and above all, have fun. Come to think of it, that's not bad advice for any round of golf.

Stacy said...

Thanks Dave. Always nice to hear from someone who appreciates a great golf course!

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