Monday, June 07, 2010

Lady Classic Golf Glove gives all-over tan and shows off a great manicure

Golfers can usually see that I am left-handed because I suffer from "ghost-hand", that dreaded affliction which comes from one gloved paw and the other one open to the effects of the sun.

Up until recently I grabbed golf gloves off the shelves, searching for a small, right-handed leftover that other lefties missed and that I could scavenge.

No more searching is needed as I have found the Lady Classic Golf Glove.

With a variety of colors and styles available and a unique UV Filter Fabric which offers SPF10 sun protection, the Lady Classic Solar Glove gives women the option of obtaining a great tan on the "ghost-hand" while looking tres-chic on the golf course.

Take a Lady Classic on vacation as well, remembering that the sun is not your friend.

The Lady Classic Golf Glove also comes in a soft-flex, ring finger and half-glove for showing off that glowing new manicure.

Grab a new T-Glove (which secures a tee to the glove) for your husband for when he asks, "What did you get for me?"

Check out the large selection of Lady Classic Golf Gloves: go to or call 1-800-669-LADY


Jill said...

What a great idea. I was just mentioning (read complaining) about my ghost-hand to my husband yesterday!

Stacy Solomon said...

"Tanning" golf gloves have been around for awhile but the Lady Classic are comfortable and have the SPF protection so I gave them a try.

Nicole said...

The Nail & Ring glove is an interesting concept. I'd probably have to stick with the half glove.

Christmas Gift for Dad said...

That is awesome bro, I am going to try them.