Friday, March 26, 2010

A few photos from our Puerto Rico golf vacation!

Puerto Rico golf course, Palmas del Mar

Two golf carts enjoying the day and the scenery at the 12th hole at Palmas Del Mar Golf Club

Puerto Rico Golf Course Palmas del Mar, with golf bloggers
Members of our fivesome (?) on the 12th hole at the exquisite Palmas del Mar Golf Club include (from left to right):  Steve Ellis, Federico Diner, Stacy Solomon, Barry Solomon and Rob Hayashida

Puerto Rico Yacht Club at Palmas del MarPuerto Rico Stacy Solomon on Dinamar Yacht, Palmas del Mar

On board the exquisite Dinamar Yacht after a great lunch at the Yacht Club at Palmas Del Mar.

Dinamar Yacht, Palmas del Mar

Stacy Solomon at Bahia Golf ClubBahia Golf ClubBahia Golf Club
Bahia Golf ClubBahia Golf Club

 There were so many great picture opportunities for Bahia Golf and Beach Resort (an ecological wonder) that I have selected a few here and will post the remainder on Flickr. A St. Regis Hotel is currently being built on the property (opening October 2010) and will only stand two stories high with great views and a southern feel!

Puerto Rico resorts, Gran Melia The Gran Melia is a five-star luxury all-suite Resort located in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Views abound and for those vacationers who rarely see palm trees, you will never want to leave!

Puerto Rico hotels Gran Melia wet barGran Melia Puerto Rico poolThe pool at Gran Melia PR is one of the largest on the isla de encanta and the Wet Bar serves up an excellent mojito!

So many beautiful aspects to the Gran Melia Puerto Rico, from the Gardens to the Beach. Here are a few more pictures of this luxury resort!

The Gran Melia transforms at night and takes on a very romantic feel. I was told that there is a person who has the specific task each night of lamp lighter for all of the candles within the Resort that cast a magnificent glow!

Puerto Rico Beach sunset

A Grand View at Sunset from the Beach at Gran Melia in Puerto Rico. 

There are top quality, ecologically-friendly golf courses nearby: Bahia Golf Club, Palmas del Mar (I would mention Rio Mar in more detail but we played seven holes in a downpour) with Trump International PR as this Resort's next door neighbor. Although the Puerto Rico Open prevented us from playing here, the experience was well worth it!)

Delicious food (yes, I do have picture of some of the meals, just ask), sunsets like this and a warm welcome from the staff of the Gran Melia (and El Coqui) make you feel like Puerto Rico is truly the isla de encanta!


Dexter(QuoteGuy) said...

I'm a big Mets fan and the Mets and Marlins are playing there in June so I'm planning a trip. I'm not going with golfers but I'm definitely going to get away for a few hours to get in a round. Great post.

Stacy Solomon said...

My husband is the Mets fan in the family. I grew up in the Bronx and so you know where my allegiances lie: ahem...Yankees.

That being said, to which area in Puerto Rico are you heading? There are so many beautiful golf courses that I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. You can also arrange a set of golf clubs to be 'at the ready' for your arrival!

PS I agree that the rules of golf are the mainstay of the whole experience. My question is whether or not Michelle Wie really lost $90,000? Until you get right down to the ball in the cup at 18, anything can happen. In other words, you can't count your chicks before they hatch!

Steve Ellis said...

Stacy, good to meet you in PR. In the group shot, My name is Steve Ellis and my website is Thanks. Steve

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