Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wie versus Sorenstam: which brand would you buy? Extreme golf experiences, Rich Beem's sand-trap easy out and old vs new golf balls

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Branding a product is supposed to personify the qualities inherent in the celebrity whose name is on the package. Tiger Woods' name, for example, has been chosen not only because he is a champion but because he is credible, likeable and probably the most visible person on the planet. Woods basically embodies all of the most sincere qualities of golf while, at the same time, adding a youthful "hip-ness" to any product he endorses.

Annika Sorenstam, although presently retired from golf and expecting a child, has decided to remain in the public eye by 'capturing her essence' in products from wine to perfume, all prominently displaying the moniker "Annika". "The scent will particularly appeal to golf enthusiasts, career-minded professionals and active, fashion-forward women," mentioned a press release. "Like Annika, the fragrance will be casually elegant and unpretentious."

Sorenstam will be celebrated this week by the Golf Channel, which will include highlights of her illustrious career.

Michelle Wie is now interested in branding herself as opposed to her early career in which Sony, Nike and Omega took advantage of her celebrity in order to advertise their products. These contracts are ending soon and the way Wie's LPGA career has been wavering, those winnings may not be enough to sustain her!

If Michelle becomes her own brand, would you be comfortable buying a product endorsed by her even if she's never been a champion within her own sport?

Popularity seems to be winning out over achievement. Name and face recognition may be all that Michelle Wie needs to succeed. As long as magazines like "Time" consider her to be a person who "shapes the world" her "brand" will be triumphant.

Golf for Beginners also discusses extreme golf travel experiences throughout the world, ranging from a $1 million dollar golf hole off of a mountaintop in South Africa where the only way to get to the teebox is by helicopter to a crocodile-guarded water-hazard in which you can play it safe or take your chances. Which would you do?

We also include a sand trap visualization tip from Callaway Golf staff professional Rich Beem and a few thoughts on why picking up that golf ball you find in the woods may not be such a great idea!

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