Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tiger Woods' billion-dollar record, Daly's down-under, winter golf drills

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Fear not Bill Gates! Tiger Woods will not topple the richest man in the world off of his pedestal! Tiger would require about $57 billion in order to achieve this goal but he is certainly on his way! It has been reported that Woods, even with a bum knee and attending only six golf tournaments this year has made (both on and off the course) an estimated $117 million, bringing his total earnings to just under $900 million.

If Tiger plays equally as well in 2009 as he did last season and picks up another sponsor to offset the $50 million loss of his General Motors contract, there is the possibility that Woods could crack the $1 billion mark by the end of the year.

Even if Woods barely grazed the billion dollar ceiling, it is improbable that he would join Gates on the Forbes 400 as "the price of admission … is $1.3 billion for the second year in a row." Heads up, George Steinbrenner, the Tiger is on your tail!

Prediction as to how Tiger Woods will climb the ranks of the world's richest humans? His "mini-tour" will become the place where the top golfers play for high purses, turning the PGA Tour into a shell of its former self.

While Tiger is busy building golf courses and instituting himself as the harbinger of a new age in sports, John Daly is complaining that this is the "lowest point" in his life. At one point, Daly had enough money to gamble away some $50 million but now the US PGA Tour has suspended John, forcing him onto the European Tour to play in their events.

Daly, who has dived to an unimpressive 736 position in the world rankings, should be grateful for this new opportunity to "reinvent himself". Unfortunately, I think the European Tour would be more appreciative if John would continue his antics across the pond. The Australian Tour offers him a pittance, equivalent to about $50,000 of flights and accommodations (and probably all of the beer that he wants) and, in exchange, receives about $3 million in publicity that they certainly would not have had otherwise!

This week, Golf for Beginners talks about Tiger Woods' ranking both on and off the course as well as John Daly's opportunity for a change of pace. We also offer a few golf drills to practice during the cold of winter.

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