Monday, November 24, 2008

Sorenstam career cut short, Wie redux. Will Thanksgiving pay off for Mickelson? Also, Kodak's $1 million challenge, play automatic golf

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Annika Sorenstam’s missed cut at the $1 million dollar ADT Championship resembles the 2008 LPGA season as a whole. As Sorenstam limped through the early rounds, a noticeably hurt Bivens on crutches did the same as she gave her “State of the Tour” address. Both were frustrated by their final tallies. Sorenstam definitely wanted to ace the finals and Bivens wanted to let everyone know that under her jurisdiction the LPGA was just dandy but neither could muster up the drive needed to do so.

The new season will show a loss of three tournaments (to 31) as well as a drop of over $5 million in prize money. To further the bad news, this year’s ending was lackluster at best as top golfers Sorenstam, Ochoa and Pressel all packed their bags early leaving the Asians to save face at the event.

Sorenstam and Bivens during happier times at the 2005 ADT Championship

To add insult to injury and add to the ineptitude of the LPGA Tour, Annika was randomly selected after her last event for a drug test after already passing one given to her last month. "Pathetic" mentioned Sorenstam’s fiancĂ©, Mike McGee. "I don’t know what they’re trying to prove."

Wonder Woman to the rescue! Now would be a great time for Michelle Wie to ace Q-School and revive the Tour! Bivens would be grateful for any light at the end of this tunnel.

Also in the spirit of giving thanks for no more Euro Tour events, Phil Mickelson will be back in the States playing in the LG Skins Game this weekend. No trophies, no standings, means no pressure and that Mickelson can let loose, showing fans why he is rated the number three player on the PGA Tour.

We will discuss all of the above news on this week’s Golf for Beginners broadcast as well as offer up how to play golf on automatic and how to hit your woods like a pro. The $1 million Kodak Challenge is also mentioned as we further talk about the company’s switch of funding from NASCAR to the PGA Tour.

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