Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Inkster, Creamer insist practice makes perfect, Lorena Ochoa just wants to have fun. Buried lies and easy to avoid DQ Rules

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Although an announcer during the U.S. Women's Open mentioned Young Kim's swing thought of "fairways and greens", it's much easier to think it than it is to bring it to fruition. The simple practice of envisioning what you want to achieve is sometimes the key to a positive round.

Basically, if you think happy thoughts, chances are you won't throw your seven-iron in anger!

On the flip side, the average weekend duffer tends to clutter his mind with either what he has learned or needs to practice instead of a simple meditation geared to a positive outlook. The result tends to aggravate instead of calm.

With the golf season being in "full swing", Golf for Beginners looks at the thought processes of LPGA golfers during a major tournament. Don Huebscher asked several of the brightest stars on tour their thoughts in the heat of the moment and what helpful hints they can offer to weekend warriors after an encounter during the pro-ams.

Is regular practice more important to a solid round than a good mental game?

We also discuss gnarly grass which thoroughly surrounded my golf ball this week and how I managed to get out of it. With superintendents allowing longer rough on the Publinks, it's really important to learn how to get out quickly, take your "medicine" and get your ball back in play.

Finally, we mention a couple of simple DQ rules you might take for granted.

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Apryl DeLancey said...

I try really hard to think happy thoughts before I hit the ball...they just turn sour when I don't hit the way I hoped...sometimes more sour than others! Great blog by the way!

Stacy said...

Thanks Apryl!
I put smiley faces on my golf balls. This way, even when I'm not hitting that great, I start to smile.

It takes my focus off of my game and makes me think of happy thoughts.