Monday, October 22, 2007

Can Tiger Woods sell you a birdie in a bottle? Also, the no-backswing swing and finish in balance!

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Tiger Woods has endorsed many products in his illustrious career, from American Express cards to the Nike Sasquatch driver. Woods' likeness appears in his own video game with EA Sports. He drives a Buick in advertisements for General Motors and wears his Tag Heuer watch proudly in print media.

It's about time Tiger Woods added an energy drink to his stable of goods, isn't it? Who better than Gatorade, a driving force in the burgeoning athletic beverage industry, to help make it a golf course staple!

But will this new "birdie-in-a-bottle" (as Barry calls it), scheduled to make it's debut in time for spring golf season, make a splash or will it fizzle? Will it fly off of the shelves at local publinks snack shacks, devoured by amateur golfers who believe that Tiger Woods knows hydration? Does Gatorade believe that their new collaboration will also interest and attract non-golfers who are familiar with their Performance Series, specifically designed to keep athletes fueled during competition?

Or will the $100 million being risked by Gatorade fall short of expectations, like American Express found out when the ends didn't justify their means!

Gatorade feels that Woods is a prime example of fitness. And yes, Tiger even went through sweat analysis through the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, because, as you see when you watch Gatorade commercials, any athlete on their roster has to have a high sweat index to quench his thirst with their electrolytic nectar. Just watch Gatorade pros Michael Jordan or Eli Manning during their respective games and you'll know what I'm talking about.

This week's Golf for Beginners podcast queries the success of the new Gatorade Tiger. We also discuss the new "no-backswing swing" and discuss a simple drill from Mike Vardeman which should help you attain a better balanced finish position.

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