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Golf swing tips to regain flexibility, improve balance and posture with a foam roller and does the helicopter training aid f

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I'm told, as we get older we lose some of our flexibility. It's usually because a golfer denies the inevitable, making excuses for a sore back, aching legs or inability to make a good shoulder turn. Barry's meniscus surgery served as his excuse as to why he hasn't been as limber for several months.

I found (and we discuss) a few golf tips in the latest Golf for Women magazine which helps the amateur player take a solid swing and overcome the stiffness and lack of elasticity due to age or lack of exercise.

Not that you have to be able to stretch like a rubber band but sometimes you don't even realize that you are not as bendable as in the past!

We also review the Helicopter training aid from The plastic yellow and red blades of the Helicopter serve as an extension of the golf club. The claim is that, with the help of the Helicopter and enclosed DVD (and lots of practice), you will see both the position of your body and the clubface through the golf swing and gain muscle memory. We'll let you know if this device flies with us!

When I'm working out at the gym, I usually plan a schedule strong on core improvement and balance exercises. One of my favorite training aids is the foam roller, which Golf for Women Magazine maintains is great for posture as well. We discuss uses for this simple piece of foam maintaining that the best training devices don't have to cost a fortune and are sometimes in plain sight!

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