Sunday, December 11, 2005

Woods Has Problems; Sorenstam's Team Wins

In my last blog I really thought that Tiger Woods could take the trophy at the Target World Challenge. First off it's his tournament and second he's won it six times. You would think this tournament would be just another walk along the fairway. But as I've stated on many occasions, the best golfers have the hottest putters. Tiger's putter went cold on him and, in spite of his tremendous drives, he went without a victory.

European tour players took his place at the top of the leaderboard. I'm still busy watching so your guess is as good as mine as to who will finally emerge victorious. Hey, I'm just a blogger, not a news writer, so you'll have to find out for yourselves about this tourney.

On the LPGA Tour, Annika Sorenstam's International team took top honors at the inaugural Lexus Cup from Singapore. Was there ever any doubt that the number-one in the world paired with Paula Creamer would shake up the Asian team? It was pretty funny how Sorenstam got beaten by Grace Park, team captain for the Asians. Even with her injuries, Grace dominated in their singles match. In the end, Annika's team rallied helped by rookie Erica Blasberg (who would have believed that she had it in her?).

Speaking of Blasberg, she won non-exempt status at Q-School which means she's going to have to prequalify for 2006 events. Let's hope she does better next year than in her rookie season where she barely made it into the top-100 on the ADT Official Money List.

Natalie Gulbis didn't make any waves at the Lexus Cup. I was looking forward to hearing that she dominated the girls on Team Asia but instead Gulbis didn't make a charge. I sincerely wish that Natalie makes her move into the winner's circle next year on the LPGA Tour. And for those in the blogoshpere that don't like Natalie or her father or her television show, I think it's just a case of sour grapes. Gulbis has it all. She's got game, a new 2006 calendar and a great business profile that will take her beyond golf and give her a very comfortable future. Hats off to Natalie!

Well, I'm a little under the weather today so there is no driving range practice. Instead I'm going to finish watching the Target World Challenge and root for Padraig Harrington to kick some butt!

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