Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Consistency in Golf

Barry G. Solomon's Golf Talk - The Importance of the PreShot Routine

The preshot routine is used by every  good golfer on the planet.

There are as many different routines as there are golfers.  Once you develop yours, you should use it every time you swing your club. 
Pre-shot routines are needed to help produce the same swing every time. 
Consistency is the name of the game.

So how do you develop yours?  Here are some helpful tips.
1- Stand behind your ball and picture the shot you want to hit. 
(Where you want your ball to land and where you want your ball to end up).

2- Check the wind (how will the wind affects the ball flight).

3- Choose the club you want to use to get the job done.

4- Address the ball.  (Set yourself up for success.  Check proper posture, grip and alignment).

5- Look again at your target,  close your eyes and picture the perfect shot.

6- Pull the trigger. (try to let your brain go on automatic.) 

These are the steps needed in every pre-shot routine.  You can add swing reminders like checking club positions at different parts of the swing.  Maybe take a practice swing.

Just develop one and use it at the range as well at the course.  GOOD LUCK!!!
I will be giving you more simple golf tips from time to time so check back.

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