Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tiger and Annika Rock the Tour!

As per my March 3rd Weekly Golf Blog, I chose to watch the final round of golf at Doral.
I usually root for the underdog as so many of us golfers do, and was surprised that Mickelson didn't win! His mental game must be alot stronger, because he won the last two PGA Tour events. But, when it comes to Tiger lurking in the shadows, I guess Phil needs to push his mental game even further.

Don't worry Phil, the majors haven't even begun and you really are ready for them! I suspect that you'll win at least one major this season, Phil, but I'd like to make a wager that you might even come away with two main events! And, please don't forget that you won the Grand Slam of Golf last year which pitted you against the other PGA major winners...remember the 59!!! And, never forget that 60 to start off this season!

Also, congrats to Annika! Sorenstam really knows how to put the pressure on when the going gets tough! Another person who had trouble with her mental game last week was Lorena Ochoa. Perhaps the pressure of Mexico was upon her shoulders. That's okay, Lorena! Last season you reached 3rd place on the LPGA Money List. That's no small feat! I'm rooting for you to win at the Kraft Nabisco Major in April!

And, to finish off, Barry and I had a nice weekend in Atlantic City this weekend!

Photo Credit: © Golf World.


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