Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiger Woods-Joe LaCava: Golf's new power couple?

Tiger_woods_lacavaTiger Woods has officially united with Dustin Johnson's (and Fred Couples') former caddie, Joe La Cava and water coolers around the country as well as the Twitterverse have something to say about the new match made in heaven.

Words ranging from "replacement" for Steve Williams to how Woods "stole" LaCava have been circulating as quickly as the Twitter stream will load.  Tiger, on the other hand, maintains that he has known Joe for many years.

"Mark [Steinberg] and I were approached by a lot of people, including Joe, who expressed an interest in becoming my caddie," Tiger Woods maintained. "This was an important decision, and I wanted to think about it carefully. Also, out of deference for the FedExCup Playoffs, I decided to wait until they were concluding to have substantive talks. We then spoke to Joe and came to an agreement."

Back in the Twitter sphere, Yahoo! Sports claimed Tiger "hijacked DJ's caddie and Tim Rosaforte said, "After Barclays win, Joe LaCava would have been crazy to leave Dustin Johnson for Tiger Woods. 10 less weeks on road was determining factor."

According to Woods, LaCava contacted highjacking or arm-twisting needed.

Although @Kathleennewsie had an interesting take that she was "hoping to see Snooki on the bag", it was Butch Harmon (Johnson's swing coach) who officially broke the news on Sky Sports after speaking with Johnson, adding that he was "shocked" by the move.

"I'm a little disappointed with the way Tiger handled it. But I'm not surprised," added Harmon, believing Woods should have asked DJ before beginning negotiations with LaCava and possibly showing that he knows Woods' character better than most (Tiger gets what Tiger wants?)

Who reached out first? According to Lawrence Donegan of The Guardian UK, LaCava was "telling friends ...he (LaCava) had quickly become disillusioned with life in the fairways with Johnson." Could Couples have also had something to do with the pairing as he put together the current President's Cup team......?

With history possibly in the making, does it really matter at this point?

More importantly, is this good or bad for the new team of Tiger Woods and Joey LaCava?

"It's a "win-win," tweeted Paul Azinger. "TW trying to pass Jack. Joe can be a part of history … no brainer for Joey! It's not like he won't still get paid."

"And he's Tiger Woods," added Zinger.

Enough said.
Watch for the new dynamic duo October 6-9th performing live at the Open.

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