Thursday, July 20, 2017

R&A Goes Global for the British Open

The Open 2017
In a press release issued prior to The British Open, it was stated that the prize money was to be awarded in U.S. dollars.

“We are operating in an increasingly global marketplace and have made the decision to award the prize fund in US dollars in recognition of the fact that it is the most widely adopted currency for prize money in golf,” stated Martin Slumbers.

The oldest major has decided to go global and, as read in SB Nation, "the move to dollars may also be a reaction to the hit the purse took, relative to the other majors, after Brexit's impact on currency last summer."

And, what a huge purse it is! The winner will take home $1,845,000 USD with total prize-money totaling a whopping $10,250,000. Not to mention the winner of The Open also takes home the Claret Jug.

The Open prize money is still shy of the 2017 U.S. Open purse which was at $12 million with Brooks Koepka earning just under $2.2 million.

What do you think? Are purses getting out of hand?

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